Aussie digital real estate marketing firm Little Hinges launches overseas

Josh Callaghan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Little Hinges

Matterport partners around the world can now access free, “game-changing” virtual tours data with the launch of Little Hinges’ insights platform. The southern hemisphere’s largest and fastest growing Matterport partner, Little Hinges, launched a world-first, live insights platform, free to Matterport customers. Previously only available to Little Hinges clients, the platform offers “game-changing” data and insights to Matterport’s 500,000+ subscribers globally.

Why are virtual tours an industry necessity?

Commenting on the expansion, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Little Hinges, Josh Callaghan said, “Over the last two years, we’ve proven that the best way to demonstrate the benefits of virtual tours is to provide real estate agents with access to live data that proves the return on investment of opening their properties to buyers from around the globe.”

“This launch will allow anyone with a Matterport tour access to these insights, free of charge – in the same way that Google Analytics offers invaluable insights to eCommerce providers.”

“By providing this level of live insight, we’re not only demonstrating the ROI of virtual tours, but we’re helping agents respond to significant shifts in buyer behaviour. We’re making the property purchase process easier and more accessible for agents, buyers and sellers alike.”

What does deal with Matterport mean for the industry?

The demand for the platform has showed that Matterport users are hungry for more buyer data, with users from US, Canada, Turkey and Australia signing up for access to the new platform within an hour of launch. “We want to drive industry-wide adoption of virtual tours, because we know how much value they offer buyers, sellers and agents,” said Callaghan. 

“This product release is the first step towards giving the ecosystem the tools and insights to unlock the kind of growth that we’ve seen in Australia, show significant return on investment from implementing virtual tours and raise the level of adoption of the tech, industry-wide.”