Litera partners with Client Sense to launch premium legal MarTech stack

Litera, a legal tech solutions provider, has partnered with Client Sense, an Enterprise Relationship Management platform solely focused on the legal profession. This partnership, integrating with Litera’s Upper Sigma, Concep and Foundation tools, will improve a law firm’s contact intelligence to take full value of not only a firm’s rolodex, but its relationships.

What is the solution a game-changer for the industry?

In addition, this creates an unparalleled and innovative legal-specific marketing technology stack without adding the complexity of additional contracts or implementation, empowering law firms to capitalise on their experience and relationships to win more business. 

Removing the burden on lawyers and staff to manually manage a CRM system, firms can benefit from real-time, accurate insights, identifying opportunities and attracting more profitable work. Providing real-time data and easily accessible relationship intelligence not only improves the operational efficiencies within Business Development, Marketing and Client teams, but also provides transparency that drives collaboration and new strategic capabilities.

The visibility and insights delivered through Client Sense and Litera empower firms to better protect, grow and manage their most valuable and important asset: their key relationships. Many firms are benefiting from the type of client intelligence that can generate and identify opportunities like cross-servicing, proactive alerts in the absence of contact with clients and referrers, support for succession planning efforts and assistance with lateral hire integration.

Built specifically for law firms, Client Sense automatically captures external contacts, who they know, their interactions, titles, addresses and more, helping a firm manage and protect the relationships that drive revenue through a Microsoft Outlook integration. 

What does this mean for Litera and Client Sense?

Steve Tyndall, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Client Sense
Steve Tyndall, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Client Sense

“At Client Sense, we have learned that 80% of annual revenue for commercial firms is attributed to existing relationships, yet when relying on manual data entry, these relationships are not always captured, understood, or managed, leaving behind and risking large amounts of revenue,” commented Steve Tyndall, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Client Sense.

“Having already established value-add integrations with Litera’s Upper Sigma, Concep and more recently Foundation, this formal partnership allows us to work more closely with the Litera team to further assist firms in gaining accurate and up-to-date data around their client and referrer relationships. We are thrilled to collaborate with Litera,” Steve Tyndall added.

“Client Sense and Litera’s Upper Sigma, Foundation, and Concep are the best solutions for ERM, CRM, Experience Management, and Marketing respectively,” said Barry Solomon, VP, M&A Integration at Litera, former CMO at Sidley Austin, and founding member of InterAction.

“Combining them unleashes their full power and provides firms who use Litera with previously unavailable insights and unique connections to drive more targeted interactions that leverage the sum of a firm’s relationships and experience. This partnership is an exciting step forward that opens a range of new opportunities and benefits for firms around the globe,” he said.

Litera always aims to allow its clients to work with the tech of their choosing, and as always, will continue to provide best-in-class services to clients, supporting integrations with all leading ERM systems. Litera clients can immediately add Client Sense to their contracts.