Linedata confirms commitment to Asia Pacific with its new office in Singapore

Sally Crane, Managing Director at Linedata Asia
Sally Crane, Managing Director at Linedata Asia

Linedata, a credit and asset management tech firm, data and services, opened new office in Singapore, strengthening its APAC footprint following a strong increase in businesses’ needs.

What does the expansion mean for customers?

Leaning on its large portfolio of clients within the alternative institutional wealth segment, the new Singapore office will enable Linedata to reinforce its existing product suite offering, combine technology and services and tailor them to the needs of the Singaporean market.

Linedata’s state-of-the-art tech solutions are well suited to the Singaporean financial market and can support its suite of investment fund structures, like the Variable Capital Company.

Chiara Bartoletti, Chief Operating Officer at Eightstone

“After months of analysis and market research, we chose Linedata due to their innovative technology and history of servicing clients in Asia. It will be key in adding efficiency and scalability to our investment management process. We look forward to leveraging Linedata’s tech to help us grow clients’ wealth responsibly,” said Chiara Bartoletti, COO at Eightstone.

What does the expansion mean for Linedata?

“We are looking back at 15 years of strong customer relations in the APAC region. In Singapore, we have supported many large clients in their long-term development. In recent years we have seen an increase of interest in our solutions and our new Singaporean office will give us the ability to do even more locally and offer innovative solutions specifically designed for this unique market and its needs,” added Sally Crane, MD at Linedata Asia.

Linedata’s strong existing presence in APAC, in Hong Kong and in India, makes its expansion to Singapore a key priority of its continued development strategy. Linedata plans to recruit new talent and skills for the Singaporean office rapidly to support existing and new clients.