Lineage Logistics launches expanded cold storage facility in Port of Aarhus

Jacob Bundsgaard, Chairman of Port of Aarhus Board

Lineage Logistics, LLC (Lineage), one of the leading temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions providers, opened its expanded cold storage facility in the Port of Aarhus, Denmark, strengthening its network of key port locations and providing customers with an efficient link between the seafood markets in the North Atlantic and worldwide.

What does the facility mean for regional clients?

The Aarhus facility is equipped to handle many types of food products, but specializes in receiving, handling and exporting seafood, pork and dairy products. The expanded facility represents the only cold storage warehouse located within the port and gives Lineage clients access to a key entry point to the Danish market, with significant parts of Danish consumer goods entering via the Port and Danish exports shipped via the Port to the rest world.

The Port of Aarhus is the only port in Denmark capable of docking the largest container ships. And the facility upgrade and port infrastructure connect multiple supply chains and allow Lineage’s customers’ products to remain in the port before moving on to their final destination – ensuring the safety and security of goods and reducing transport costs.

Commenting on the facility, Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor of Aarhus and chairman of the board at Port of Aarhus, said, “I am extremely pleased that Lineage has chosen to significantly increase its investment in their capacity at the Port of Aarhus. This underlines the position of the Port of Aarhus as an important distribution hub for handling frozen and refrigerated goods – not only to Denmark, but to the Nordic region, Europe, and the rest of the world.”

“I am confident that in the future, Aarhus will be able to increase the share of calls from the Arctic states and the Nordic region for distribution to the rest of the world. By focusing more on shipping, we are best supporting the green transition,” Jacob Bundsgaard further said.

What does the facility mean for Lineage?

Lineage has increased its capacity at its facilities in the Port of Aarhus. The expansion adds 18,000 pallet spaces for a total of 27,500 pallet spaces, with room for further expansion to meet customer needs. This increased capacity will provide customers, including producers of fish and shellfish, with streamlined storage for their products at a key location connecting the import and export of seafood, linking Greenland and Denmark to the global market.

“Aarhus represents another strategic location to serve as a gateway for Lineage’s clients to markets worldwide. Lineage continues to invest where we believe we can provide our clients with the best end-to-end logistics solution. We are proud to open this site in the Port of Aarhus, a critical connection to the Nordics and a strong partner in our commitment to a more effective supply chain,” said Carsten Wolf, Regional VP, Nordics at Lineage Logistics.

The facility is built to high-energy efficiency and modern standards and features Lineage’s best-in-class cold storage solutions to help customers optimize their supply chains for speed and efficiency. The expanded Aarhus facility now offers customs clearance, port logistics, sorting, processing, and production solutions and connects customers to a strong and growing network to deliver their food products with maximum safety and efficiency.

Aarhus forms part of Lineage’s network of over 400 facilities worldwide. The site builds on Lineage’s entry into Denmark in 2020 with the acquisition of Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S, Super Frost Sjælland ApS, Coldstar ApS, and Claus Sørensen A/S, with facilities across the country.