LG Electronics invites creative minds to share ideas that impact the planet

Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia

Seeking to uncover innovative solutions that embody the firm’s goal of creating a Better Life for All, the award welcomes creative minds to share ideas that help people and the planet. The award will see $1m awarded to accelerate the development of the winning submissions.

What is the mission behind the initiative?

The initiative was born from envisioning a sustainable world where ‘Life’s Good’ for the planet. The campaign compliments the LG Electronics Australia brand refresh launched in 2021, which takes a new approach to what ‘Life’s Good’ means for Aussies in today’s environment.

The brand direction of ‘Rediscover Good’ underscores how LG brings good to consumers’ lives through countless moments and reminds them to rediscover the good in their every day – because ‘Life’s Full of Good when you look for it’. The LG LIFE’S GOOD AWARD celebrates this approach for consumers and has two categories for entrants to submit ideas:

  • Innovation for the Planet – which targets solutions for environmental health, and;
  • Innovation for People – which centres on ideas that can enrich daily life through prioritising safety, usability, and accessibility.

Submissions can be made at the LIFE’S GOOD AWARD website, where applicants can also find full details and conditions of entry. Submissions close on October 10, 2022.

“The past few years have been tough on communities and the planet, but creativity and innovation has never stopped. We hope this initiative helps creatives across Australia – and the globe – rediscover the good in their everyday and inspire them to create countless tiny moments,” said Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director, LG Electronics Australia.

“Throughout this process, we look forward to collaborating with creative individuals who take the leap to submit their ideas to the LG LIFE’S GOOD AWARD,” Gemma Lemieux further said.

What is the selection criteria?

The entries will be evaluated in the first screening, and those with the highest marks will go through a second screening carried out by a judging panel. This will comprise of selected LG executives and scholars from a diverse range of environmental and social industries like:

The three finalists will be announced at CES® 2023 and will present to the judging panel in a final pitch session in January. The first-place winner (Grand Prix) will be awarded $700k, and the second (Silver) and third place (Bronze) will receive $200k and $100k, respectively.