Lenovo is the preferred workstation innovation partner for DreamWorks

Rob Herman, Vice President Workstation and Client AI Business Unit, Lenovo

Lenovo was selected by DreamWorks Animation as its workstation innovation partner to deliver power and performance to bring its next cutting-edge animation feature films to life.

This PC collaboration further strengthens the companies’ partnership, as it expands upon the technology leader’s current role as DreamWorks’ data center innovation partner.

DreamWorks will deploy Lenovo workstations, including the ThinkStation P620 and ThinkStation P920, across all departments for the development of content and characters, including the highly anticipated release of the studio’s upcoming film, “The Bad Guys”.

The extension of this partnership follows the rollout of a new on-premises Lenovo computing infrastructure designed to transform DreamWorks’ data center into a high-performance, ultra-scalable and sustainable operations center for all of its content creation.

Increasing consumer demand for premium content

With consumer demand for premium animated content at an all-time high, DreamWorks Animation looked to Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group to find innovative workstation solutions to keep up with its ambitions, complex workflows and faster production timelines.

Designed for high productivity, Lenovo workstations are engineered for power, performance and industry-leading reliability that allow artists to bring their creative ideas to life.

Bill Ballew, the Chief Technology Officer at DreamWorks expounded on this aspect.

“At DreamWorks, the ability to operate our workflows at the speed of our creative thought process is critical in capturing those instant moments of expression that shape the unforgettable experiences our animators and creative professionals develop.”

A need to push past the threshold

“Workstations need to exceed the demands of our artists’ relentless imaginations. Hardware needs to be an enabler; harnessing performance and speed to meet their expectations.”

“Lenovo’s ThinkStation P620 workstation is a tested game changer for our workflows.”

“Built on the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO architecture, the ThinkStation P620 drives performance for multi-threaded application environments for us to take full advantage of.”

From 3D modeling, rigging, surfacing, and simulations to high-performance animation and creating hyper-photorealistic renderings, DreamWorks Animation specialists, artists and engineers alike leverage high-performance compute capabilities.

By relying on the flexibility and future-proofed platforms that Lenovo’s workstations deliver, the DreamWorks’ team can focus on their creative ambitions knowing they are equipped with the world-class technology necessary to meet those complex workflows.

In addition to the Lenovo ThinkStation P620, DreamWorks Animation will also be able to take advantage of Lenovo’s most advanced dual-processor workstation, the ThinkStation P920.

Built with Intel® Xeon® processors, the workstation’s extreme performance will help DreamWorks accelerate their most challenging workflows in a production studio environment.

Rob Herman, the VP of Lenovo’s Workstation and Client AI Business Unit offered insights.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with DreamWorks Animation and equip them with workstations that help accelerate their increasingly demanding workflows.”

“DreamWorks Animation’s workstation collaboration further exemplifies Lenovo’s ability to holistically support our customers with the most advanced technology solutions available, allowing them to innovate faster and transform their respective industries.”