Lenovo casts workspace solutions as business leaders opt for hybrid work

Daniel Fields, Executive Director, Services Business of Lenovo APAC

As Australia eases restrictions, paving the way for offices to reopen, LenovoTM announced the launch of its Workplace Solutions portfolio designed to give firms the confidence to welcome their employees back. With solutions like simplified workspace booking, utilisation analytics and smart facilities management coupled with professional services, businesses can provide flexible working options offering benefits of in-office interactions and remote work.

What is the market offering of Workplace Solutions?

“Given that employees’ expectations have changed, firms recognise that reopening the office does not mean reverting to the pre-COVID status quo. Employees want the flexibility to log in easily anytime, anywhere, and focus on the work that matters without having to wrangle with tech issues,” Daniel Fields, Executive Director, Services Business of Lenovo APAC said.

“The Lenovo Workplace Solutions offering is built to help companies provide a compelling employee experience that drives productivity and attracts talent. This includes tools that enhance communications and create efficiencies by reducing administrative workloads, are secure by design and powered by extensive support services,” Fields further commented.

Firms are increasingly turning to technology to manage the complex needs of a hybrid workforce. This is corroborated by Lenovo’s recent global study of CIOs, which reveals that CIOs are managing areas beyond traditional purview, like HR and talent acquisition (39%).

Tasked with these responsibilities, CIOs need cohesive tech solutions that will free up their time from the maintenance and upkeep of IT. This enables them to focus on more strategic imperatives like building an attractive workplace in view of a hybrid workforce, by provisioning innovative consumer-grade apps that employees want, fast across remote desktops.  

How do Lenovo’s solutions help in hybrid work era?

The Lenovo Workplace Solutions portfolio helps businesses and CIOs adapt to the hybrid work era with several smart workspace solutions, such as the following:

  • Workspace Booking: Scheduling software offering real-time visibility on workspace occupancy enabling employers to manage capacity better, helps employees book facilities quickly to save time, and improves contact tracing with automated post-event reporting
  • Workplace Analytics: Delivered via a dashboard providing real-time insights on space usage, based on non-invasive data from heat and motion sensors
  • Digital Signage: Content management system that turn traditionally static displays and signages at high-traffic locales and touchpoints into visually-rich multimedia screens that’s dynamically updated to convey important updates in a timely manner
  • Visitor Management: System simplifying visitor registration process and health check-in forms, drastically reducing waiting time and improving the overall visitor experience
  • Smart Locker: Flexible self-service storage service enabling employees to store, pick up and drop off assets securely 24×7 with minimal fuss and reduced waiting time
  • Smart Collaboration: All-in-one meeting room solution with video conferencing software and integrated devices that are easy to use and scale according to meeting sizes, protected by ThinkShield, a suite of security solutions to safeguard users’ privacy and data
  • Smart Parking: An intelligent carpark management system that delivers real-time space information to remotely monitor space vacancy and alert when there are abnormal activities, such as unauthorised parking or overtime parking

All solutions include 24/7 remote health monitoring, access to experts across Lenovo’s global network, and field service repairs. This enables large firms with a global footprint to configure solutions based on their needs and scale across functions and locations consistently.

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