Dr. Taiwo and Dr. Olomu address leadership advancement in new book

Dr. Dayo Olomu, Leadership Trainer and Co-Author of Leading Through African UBUNTU

A book to address leadership advancement has been published. Dr. Dayo Olomu, leadership trainer and the best-selling author of ‘THE PREMIUM LEADER: Leadership Attributes and Strategies for Today’s Volatile World’ has collaborated with his Nigerian counterpart, corporate leadership consultant, Dr. Taiwo Ojo, to release ‘Leading Through African UBUNTU’.

The 168-page book, unveiled in October, is currently among the leadership books on display at the 24th International Leadership Association (ILA) annual conference in Washington DC, USA.

What to expect from Leading Through African UBUNTU?

The book provides fundamental answers to major issues contending with the accelerated dev’t of the African states. It also offers a way of engaging collective action & functional leadership to drive continental dev’t. The Ubuntu philosophy (a Nguni Bantu term presaging humanity to others) is proffered as a means of fixing damaged polity through sacrifice & selfless service.

Global speaker and strategic leadership expert, Dr. Sam Adeyemi writes in his Foreword to the book. “As the mission to rescue Africa continues, Leading through African UBUNTU has dug further into Africa’s history to analyse its identity, culture, ideology, philosophy, values and virtues, and on the other hand, its challenges. And it further proffers unique ways to stimulate the movement for Africa’s transformation. It offers new vistas of hope.”

“Africa will rise and fulfil her potential as we renew our collective minds and work together to rebuild it with trust, love, & care. Taiwo Ojo and Dayo Olomu have recommended Ubuntu as the right strategy through which Africa can be decolonised and ushered into economic, political, and social growth. This is a great work, and it forms a valuable addition to the body of knowledge on Africa’s decolonisation. I recommend you read with an open mind.”

The joint authors are consummate professionals who met at the 23rd ILA global conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 2021. Taiwo, widely travelled & with extensive experience in corporate consultancy, is adept at leadership, culture, research analytics & strategies.

Dayo Olomu is an organisational dev’t specialist who is passionate about raising transformational leaders, mentoring professionals and empowering the youth. The co-authors’ shared vision of nurturing people and preparing leaders as a sine qua non for functional corporate and general human capital dev’t has led to the publication of this book.