Laybuy launches virtual card with app to help shoppers get more brands

Alex and Gary Rohloff, co-founders of Laybuy

Leading Buy Now, Pay Later Provider Laybuy says its Virtual Card, which launched today, will make it easier for shoppers to get their hands on even more of their favourite brands.

Laybuy Co-Founder and Managing Director Gary Rohloff was optimistic with the card.

Laybuy’s virtual card and platform for shoppers

The new product, delivering new in-app exclusives, are a key part of Laybuy’s new affiliate platform and will introduce UK shoppers to even more brands, allowing them to buy more of the goods they want and love but spread the cost over six weeks, interest-free.

“We’re excited to be introducing UK shoppers to a Laybuy lifestyle for them to buy more of the goods they want and love but spread the cost over six weeks, interest-free,” says Rohloff.

Laybuy’s Virtual Card and in-app exclusives will make shopping easier than ever before, allowing shoppers to buy and pay with Laybuy at even more of their favourite retailers, including Amazon, ASOS, Acne Studios, eBay, Nike, Levi’s and Net-a-Porter, to name just a few.

“We will increase the number of brands where Virtual Card can be used by thousands, allowing shoppers to buy almost anything they want, from anywhere they are, using Laybuy.”

“The virtual card, which is exclusive to the Laybuy App, is simple to use.  From the easy-to-use shop directory on the Laybuy App, shoppers simply select the retailer they want to shop with.”

“They then shop normally, adding the items they want to the cart,” says Rohloff.

Laybuy’s Virtual Card is made available at checkout and automatically populates all the required payment fields. This means you can pay with Laybuy with just one simple step.

Laybuy to harness European market with virtual card

Laybuy’s General Manager UK and Europe John Gillian says the launch of Virtual Card is all part of Laybuy’s commitment to making the lives of shoppers easier.

“Since launching in the United Kingdom in 2019, Laybuy has been embraced by UK consumers. In the past year alone, the values of goods purchased using Laybuy has increased by more than 500% and we expect this to continue to accelerate with the launch of our Virtual Card.”

“Shoppers have been unfairly paying high rates of interest on consumer credit.”

“We at Laybuy with the virtual card don’t think this is right, which is why we decided to do something about it. With Laybuy, customers will never pay any interest,” says Gillian.

“We want to help shoppers live the lifestyle of their choice.”

“We give them hundreds more reasons to shop as well as the easiest way to pay by splitting the cost in six and spreading the payments, helping them get more from their money.”

“But we also want to make sure that customers aren’t taking on debt they cannot afford.”

“That is why we credit check every new Laybuy customer and set credit limits to make sure our customers can afford the goods that they are purchasing.”

“While the Virtual Card makes it easier for customers to buy more using Laybuy, it does not change our commitment to responsible credit,” concluded Gillian.

To take advantage of the new Virtual Card, customers simply need to sign-up to Laybuy by downloading the app at the app store, open an account and start shopping.