Launch of .au domain extensions, a big opening for Aussie entrepreneurs

Tamara Oppen, Managing Director of GoDaddy Australia

GoDaddy Inc (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, urged eligible Australian entrepreneurs and small businesses to protect their brand and digital identity, by registering for a .au domain, with the launch of the new .au domain extension.

The launch of .au is the biggest innovation in Australian domains for 20 years, and comes as internet traffic and online competition reach record highs. According to GoDaddy’s ‘Entrepreneurial Pulse’ research, over 1 in 4 (27%) entrepreneurs and small business owners cited competition, second only to the global pandemic, as their biggest challenge for 2022.

GoDaddy to offer crucial SMBs competitive advantage

In an Australian market that proudly and passionately ‘supports local’, having a local .au domain can be a crucial competitive advantage when standing out to the millions of consumers who engage with local businesses online.

Since 24th March, businesses with an existing domain name, ie., can apply to register its exact domain name match with a .au extension,, through GoDaddy, a domain registrar with over 84m domains under management.

Eligible users have 6 months to complete the process before the .au domain name extension becomes available for the general population to purchase from 20 September. Domain clients can register a .au domain if the corresponding, or isn’t already taken.

In addition to appealing to Australians who support local businesses, a .au domain is easier for consumers to remember, and can also help to boost a business’ search engine ranking.

Tamara Oppen, Managing Director of GoDaddy Australia, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for Aussie businesses and side-hustlers. A domain name is the heart of a business’ digital identity, and the new .au extension is essential in helping Australian businesses feel inherently Aussie, and stand out in a market that is proud and passionate about supporting local.”

“By registering your .au domain, entrepreneurs are not only enhancing their brand, they are also preventing a competitor from taking that domain name – and potentially some of their customers, too. To create a strong online presence, it’s incredibly valuable to have a diverse range of domain extensions, and few are more exciting, valuable and local than .au.”

“We’re proud to be working with auDA (.au Domain Administration Limited) to make these local domains available to aspiring Aussie entrepreneurs, small businesses and side-hustlers.”

GoDaddy on what .au domain extension mean to you

For Melissa Wu, four-time Olympian and entrepreneur, having the opportunity to represent Australia in Diving has been a highlight of her sporting career. Equally, having founded three businesses, Melissa understands the value of having a local Australian business identity.

Melissa said: “I’m incredibly proud to be an Australian Olympian and to have represented my country on the biggest stage. I’m equally proud to be an Aussie entrepreneur and know how important it is to promote my businesses both locally and globally. What you often don’t realise when starting a business is that your domain name becomes your brand identity.

“That’s why I will be registering .au domain names for my businesses HrdKAW Strength and Australian Diving Academy, with GoDaddy, as an additional way to show people I am a proud Australian business and equally important to protect my brands.”

auDA Chief Executive Officer, Rosemary Sinclair AM said: “We are thrilled to launch Australia’s newest namespace .au direct – the biggest innovation in .au in 20 years.”

“Whether you are looking to register a new business domain name or are simply sending or receiving emails or using the web, we want Australia to know that .au is here.”

“For Australian businesses, entrepreneurs and other internet users, .au direct will provide a greater choice of shorter, simpler and uniquely Australian domain names. We encourage you to contact your trusted accredited .au registrar today.

For more details about eligibility and how to pre-register, visit: For those who seek help specifically on registering and hosting domain names, please visit: