Laserfiche casts publicly-accessible solution to aid process automation

Justin Pava, Director of Product Management at Laserfiche

Laserfiche, an SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, has launched the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace, a publicly-accessible collection of solution templates to help jumpstart process automation and digital transformation. Laserfiche has begun accepting solution templates from users to expand the marketplace.

How can you leverage the Laserfiche solution?

The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace helps firms address digital transformation needs and accelerate innovation enterprise-wide by taking a low-code approach to process automation and integration. Users can deploy their automated workflows or connect Laserfiche to other apps faster using pre-built solutions, which follow industry-vetted designs and best practices.

“To make process automation easier and more accessible for our global community, Laserfiche is focused on creating intuitive and scalable process automation apps. Developed by Laserfiche users and experts, these solution templates enable organizations to build on existing best practices, industry expertise and product knowledge, and tailor solutions to fit their unique needs,” said Laserfiche Director of Product Management Justin Pava.

The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace currently contains over 100 templates that address common business processes and firm needs. Commonly deployed templates include:

  • New hire onboarding
  • Accounts payable – purchase order requisition
  • Contract management
  • Federal Assistance Program solution for governments
  • New account opening for financial services firms
  • HEERF student aid grant applications for institutions of higher education
  • The full list can be found here

How effective is the Laserfiche solution?

Users can preview solutions before downloading, and view lists of newly added, most popular and trending processes. These features are aimed at sparking more ideas, and empowering IT teams and citizen developers to drive digital transformation across their organizations.

“As a growing school district, we are always looking to become more efficient and reimagine our processes in order to better serve students,” said John Rokenbrod, software and records analyst and records management officer at Bryan Independent School District.

“Having access to prebuilt templates with workflows, forms and integrations that we can customize to fit our needs provides a tremendous amount of inspiration and saves us from having to reinvent the wheel each time we need a solution. The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace provides support for our digital projects that allows us to remain focused on creating a great work environment for staff and the best possible experience for students.”

By opening up the marketplace for solution template submissions from users, Laserfiche aims to expand the breadth of offerings in the marketplace even further. At the same time, Laserfiche customers will contribute to the strength of an innovative user community and be empowered to build on the successes of other Laserfiche process builders and innovators.

To learn more about solution templates, visit the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace.