KLDiscovery Introduces Nebula Singularity™ Subscription Service

Christopher Weiler, Chief Executive Officer, KLDiscovery Inc.

KLDiscovery Inc. a global electronic discovery, information governance and data recovery technology solutions launched Nebula Singularity, a premier subscription service designed to benefit corporations seeking to globalize and standardize their eDiscovery processes.

Nebula Singularity is a one-touch licensing option that provides customers with the power of Nebula’s flexible deployment models and workflow accelerators, anywhere they need it.

Each Singularity subscription includes a Nebula Enterprise appliance in the customer’s data center, additional hosted subscription capacity in any of Nebula’s worldwide SaaS deployments, on-demand Nebula Portable units, and access to KLD Client Portal, ReadySuite.

KLDiscovery Inc. offering customers more

Singularity allows for unparalleled functionality, global reach, and complete operational flexibility on a single unified platform for a simple, predictable price – all backed by KLDiscovery’s incomparable customer service.

Christopher Weiler, CEO of KLDiscovery Inc. made these remarks.

“Other offerings in the market today constrain customer choice in one or more ways, with limitations on geographic reach, delivery models, or functionality, or they force customers into complicated pricing schemes that make it difficult to assess true value.”

“Singularity overcomes all of these.”

“A technological singularity is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.”

“With Nebula Singularity, KLDiscovery has created an eDiscovery and complex data solutions model that cannot be replicated by our competition.”

About KLDiscovery

KLDiscovery provides technology solutions to help law firms, corporations and consumers solve complex data challenges. The company has 32 locations, 9 data centers and 17 data recovery labs across 19 countries.

KLDiscovery is a global leader in delivering best-in-class eDiscovery, information governance and data recovery solutions to support the litigation, regulatory compliance, internal investigation and data recovery and management needs of our clients.