Kinela and the CPA unite to deliver best-in-class health support for Australians living with a disability

Kinela, CPA deliver health support for Australians living with a disability

Kinela, an Australian allied health and healthy meal delivery service for people on the NDIS, has today announced it has partnered with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) to deliver a new innovative health program for Australians living with a disability, The Better Health Program, which aims to help National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants lead healthier lifestyles. 

At present, participants in the NDIS need to access multiple providers for their holistic health and wellbeing needs. To simplify this process, The Better Health Program sees CPA and Kinela share their services to deliver a true multi-disciplinary service in the one initiative.

The 10-week evidence based program aims to help participants reach a healthy weight range, increase physical activity and improve nutritional intake and understanding around healthy eating. 

Delivered by CPA’s ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) in collaboration with Kinela’s Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD), each program is tailored to individualised goals, and takes a multi-discipline approach to enable participants to achieve life changing outcomes.

What did the executives have to say?

Kinela CEO Karn Ghosh said the program signified the unification of two of Australia’s leading health and wellbeing organisations within the disability sector.

“The Better Health Program combines CPA’s state-of-the-art gym facilities across the ACT and NSW and Kinela’s best-in-class health services, meal delivery support and online therapy technology Australia-wide.

These services combined create a more simple, accessible and holistic way of managing health and wellbeing for Australians living with a disability nationwide. We’re incredibly proud to be delivering an initiative alongside CPA that has the potential to greatly impact the lives of so many for the better,” said Mr Ghosh.

Kinela, which was established in 2014, has emerged in the last few years as a true industry disrupter, using technology and creative new services to deliver new opportunities and measurable results for NDIS participants, across every postcode in Australia.

CPA is one of Australia’s largest NDIS service providers with over 5000 participants across NSW and the ACT. It has established itself as a disability sector leader, having delivered services and support for over 75 years.

Last month, The Better Health Program pilot saw 10 people living with a range of disabilities access CPA and Kinela’s services. Participants experienced a range of improvements including weight loss (up to 3.5kg), improved feeling of health, improved confidence, improved energy levels and improved satisfaction with their food choices.

Kinela dietitian and lead dietitian in The Better Health Program, Hannah Sweetnam said: “The Healthy Living Program is a true testament to the powerful role that technology and innovation can play in driving personalised solutions for people with disabilities.

Our platform allows us to deliver the best-in-class programs and support to anyone in Australia, regardless of their disability type or location. Using this technology I can deliver truly engaging programs for our clients that deliver real, measurable results – and that means everything to me as a clinician.”

One participant of the pilot program is Zell Goldman (53 years old), who lives in a group home and has Cerebral Palsy. After completing the program, Zell lost a total 3.3kg (in 10 weeks) and his overall feeling of health improved 33%. His overall happiness with weight improved 150% and his energy levels improved 67%.

Zell said that since completing the program, he was making healthier choices daily: “Previously I was having 1-2 cookies per day for morning tea, but I’ve now switched to snacks from the five food groups such as yoghurt and fruit while still enjoying a cookie once a week.

I’ve also commenced Kinela’s nutritious ready made meals and am loving these. Previously I was reliant on what the staff were able to cook for me, but these meals give me more choice and control, as well as regular veggies portions.” 

Other program participants also achieved successful health transformations, including Michael who lost 1.8kg during the program, and David who lost 3.5kg over the 10 weeks.

The Better Health Program is available nationwide for any NDIS participant through CPA and Kinela. For more information, visit here.