Joulius helping consumers find better electricity deals during price spike

Victorian residents have witnessed electricity market volatility, with some retailers informing clients their prices will more than double, leading to skyrocketing electricity bills over the next year. It makes finding and staying on the cheapest electricity plan more important than ever.

Enter Joulius – the energy startup offering price comparison with a genuine difference. Joulius is still finding residential customers an average of $280 in savings against their current plan over the next 12 months, thanks to its calculation engine and transparent pricing model.

What is the market offering of Joulius?

Joulius uses real data from a consumer’s electricity bill and compares it against all retailers’ plans for the user’s current tariff type in the public market. Where many comparison services push customers to a sub-set of plans from a limited number of energy providers (based on who pays them the highest commissions), Joulius compares and ranks all plans on their merit and any commissions received from retailers do not influence the results or ranking.

In addition to electricity bill data, Joulius can also analyse metered data (or actual energy usage) to create a robust personalised profile of the customer’s electricity needs and recommend plans with greater accuracy. Customers can set alerts to receive notifications to better deals over time, providing peace of mind in an ever-changing market.

With Joulius, increasingly tech-savvy users experience a low-touch digital platform that allows those who dread cold calls to interact online instead. The service is completely free to join and use. Consumers can simply visit or download the mobile app. They are directed to upload their bill to get started, with results usually delivered in under one minute.

Joulius requires no sign-up or switching fees. Customers can also filter recommendations according to what’s meaningful to them, including greenpower options.

What were the executive’s thoughts on Joulius?

Ceri Bennett, Marketing Lead for Joulius said, “No other platform combines bill analysis and ongoing energy plan comparison into a single tool. Consumers benefit because they can find the best deal and ensure that they receive the most competitive price on an ongoing basis.”

“For retailers, it’s also a chance to connect with the client and make sure they are meeting their needs proactively and regularly. We are entering the market at a time when customers are experiencing anxiety about the rising cost of living, which has been made worse by recent energy market volatility. Victorians are in real need of a tool like Joulius right now. We’re glad that we can be a support and hope that we can help ease some of their pain,” Bennett said.

Joulius released the beta version of its tech in October 2021, with the official launch occurring in June when the Joulius app launched publicly. Joulius was founded by energy experts who have been providing the Australian energy market with analysis, billing and enterprise solutions for over a decade. Joulius is an independent, 100% Australian owned company.