General Sir John Monash Foundation launches new program to maximise scholar impact on Australia

General Sir John Monash Foundation scholars are working on complex national and global issues, in fields such as science, technology, law, politics, renewable energy, and the arts.

To maximise the impact of John Monash scholars and harness their skills into global benefits, the Foundation has announced the launch of John Monash Foundation Leadership Academy.

The John Monash Foundation Leadership Academy

The advisory board is chaired by leading neuroscientist and former Monash University Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Edward Byrne AC, with The Honourable Julia Gillard AC as Patron.

“It is my pleasure to Patron the John Monash Foundation Leadership Academy. Am a believer in the importance of role models in leadership and global perspectives,” Ms Gillard said.

“The Academy will utilise the knowledge and diversity amongst the motivated and talented John Monash Scholars facilitating opportunities for collaboration with industries.”

“Fostering the leadership abilities of Scholars will ensure their voice is projected in a powerful way to shape a better future for our nation and the world,” the former Prime Minister said.

Professor Byrne said, “The future of any country is the next generation and the leaders it produces and nurtures, and that’s what the General Sir John Monash enterprise is about.”

“Its about identifying brilliant people and giving them the opportunity to extend their learnings and experience across a variety of disciplines in some of the universities outside Australia.

“The Leadership Academy enables these young people return to Australia, as we continue to support and nurture them and assist them in making their best contribution to the country.”

“Julia is a person of huge goodwill, and an inspirational person for young people as a role model, so I think it’s wonderful that she’s agreed to be the patron of the Leadership Academy.”

The Academy aims to build the professional profiles and document the achievements of its scholars, and provide access to publications in an online library and will provide services such as a database and collaborative webinars, expert consultancy and a speaker’s bureau.

It will hold public lectures and roundtables, global symposia and annual leadership orations.

“The Academy will help facilitate the leadership journey of the John Monash scholars by creating a platform to enhance their engagement across all sectors of the community,” General Sir John Monash Foundation Chief Executive Officer Annemarie Rolls said.

“It will facilitate a collaborative community, so the scholars can collectively work on responding to the challenge, addressing the most complex national and global issues of our time.”

“It grants access to highly qualified scholars for governments, businesses and researchers.”

The John Monash Foundation funding grants

The John Monash Foundation has unveiled new funding for a series of collaborative grants under the Academy, to provide funding for Scholars to undertake interdisciplinary research.

2019 scholars Michaela Taylor-Williams and Dr Brendan Jones have been awarded a collaborative grant to develop multispectral endoscopic imaging of engineered oesophageal tissue, which would be used as a treatment for Oesophageal Atresia, a deadly birth defect occurring when a child is missing the organ that connects their throat and stomach.

2015 scholars Alies Sluiter and Tom Williams are creating a short film, Boy on Fire, drawing on Alies’ experience working in a juvenile detention centre while attending Columbia University.

The Academy will work to enhance opportunities for collaboration, mentoring and support scholar transition from study and work overseas, to fulfilling professional lives in Australia.

The John Monash Leadership Academy will be governed by the board of the General Sir John Monash Foundation but will have its own patron and inaugural advisory board.

The John Monash Foundation advisory board

  • The Honourable Julia Gillard AC – Patron
  • Professor Sir Edward Byrne AC – Chair
  • Lee Liberman – Deputy Chairman, General Sir John Monash Foundation Board
  • Professor Paul Wellings CBE – Director, General Sir John Monash Foundation Board
  • Robert Cameron AO – Corporate Non-Executive Director
  • Karen Wood – Corporate Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Thomas Hanna – 2004 John Monash Scholar
  • May Samali – 2014 John Monash Scholar