JobAdder taps into LinkedIn to create a seamless recruiter experience

Martin Herbst, Chief Executive Officer, JobAdder

JobAdder, a global recruitment software solution that helps agency and inhouse recruiters find and manage talent more effectively, has announced a new product integration with the world’s largest professional networking website LinkedIn’s LinkedIn Recruiter platform.

Through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the two-way integration will allow JobAdder agency and corporate account users to connect with the LinkedIn Recruiter platform’s Recruiter System Connect (RSC) to access candidate information like experience and skills.

JobAdder integrates into Linkedin Recruiter platform

The integration removes the burden that users typically face when switching between platforms to view or duplicate data entry, ultimately allowing for one seamless workflow. 

According to recent data from the JobAdder platform, the Australian market has seen a downwards shift in applications per job over the past year, dropping from an average ratio of 62.1 in Q2 2020 to 30.5 in Q2 2021, indicating a dire talent shortage in the region.

The integration minimises recruiter woes by reducing admin time by over 3 hours weekly, which is important in time saving as talent pools re-emerge and the economy recovers. 

JobAdder features in the LinkedIn Recruiter integration

  • In-JobAdder indicator allows users to view a candidate’s profile with JobAdder and easily see in LinkedIn which candidates are already in a user’s JobAdder account.
  • The 1-Click Export exports new candidate profiles and permits users to view up-to-date LinkedIn profiles in JobAdder in order to focus on quality candidates.
  • Candidate Engagement authorises users to see all Recruiter notes and InMail messages in both JobAdder and LinkedIn for a complete view of candidate engagement. 
  • Up-to-date LinkedIn profile enables users to receive the same candidate information in both JobAdder and LinkedIn Recruiter.

Comments on JobAdder’s integration into Linkedin

JobAdder’s Chief Executive Officer, Martin Herbst said, “This integration with LinkedIn Recruiter in essence is a step forward in achieving our vision of supporting the modern recruiter.”

“As every recruiter is being asked to do more with less candidate information and accuracy happens to have been granted more importance attached to it.”

“This integration will significantly improve and minimise incurred workflow roadblocks, especially when tapping into LinkedIn Recruiter’s largest talent pool in the world.”

“With JobAdder being one of the largest ATS providers in Australia, we recognise the importance of this integration, and we look forward to what our partnership with LinkedIn Recruit holds for the future growth and success of the recruitment industry,” said Herbst.

Adam Gregory, Senior Director, Talent & Learning Solutions at LinkedIn said, “We are delighted with the JobAdder integration into our innovative and advanced LinkedIn Recruiter.”

“Businesses want to fill roles quickly and effectively. This integration gives recruiters visibility across the entire candidate process in a single view, helping to reduce placement time.”

JobAdder facilitated the process of placing over 307,500 jobs in the 2020-21 financial year and is used by more recruiters in Australia and New Zealand than any other platform.