Jetcraft acquires CFS Jets to provide better client access to jets of all sizes

Peter Antonenko, President of Jetcraft
Peter Antonenko, President of Jetcraft

Jetcraft®, a reputable and credible global company dealing in business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trading, has acquired Corporate Fleet Services (CFS Jets), a prominent business aviation firm specializing in the turboprop, light and midsize jet markets globally.

What is does the acquisition mean for Jetcraft?

Peter Antonenko, President of Jetcraft, says: “For more than 60 years in the industry, Jetcraft has been setting the standard in business aircraft transactions around the world, placing a sharp focus on very efficient super-midsize, large, and ultra long-range jets as a main product.”

“With the addition of CFS Jets, our product expertise is impressively diverse, surpassing that of all other brokers and manufacturers, while bringing customers nearly a century of experience, more than 100 dedicated global advisors and the largest number of exclusive jet listings.”

What is does the acquisition mean for CFS Jets?

David Monacell, Partner at CFS Jets
David Monacell, Partner at CFS Jets

Now “powered by Jetcraft”, CFS Jets is offering its client base from all over the world a chance to better access the super-midsize and large jet categories. Both companies have agreed to continue operating individually, each benefiting from the respective capabilities of the other, including being backed by Jetcraft’s industry leading data to support all their transactions.

David Monacell, Partner, CFS Jets, adds: “Since the year, 1984, CFS Jets has proven itself as a trusted private jet and turboprop broker. Powered by Jetcraft, we are now giving our customers access to the most robust market intelligence and widest range of aircraft in the industry.”

Antonenko concludes: “This strategic alliance between Jetcraft and CFS Jets represents a significant milestone for both our companies and clients, who can benefit from a combined experience of more than 800 transactions in the last five years. Together, we look forward to serving the growing worldwide demand for various turboprops and business jets of all sizes.”


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