SaaS JESI appoints Scott Jackson to be their new Chief Executive Officer

Scott Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at JESI

JESI, a global location based SaaS solution for remote workers, have announced the appointment of Scott Jackson as the Chief Executive Officer effective 10th January 2022.

Former CEO and Co-founder, Joe Hoolahan, is excited for JESI’s next growth phase with Scott leading from the front. Joe’s newly defined focus as the Director of Strategic Partnerships is closer aligned to his expertise and he’s excited to explore new opportunities for JESI in 2022.

“JESI is at a hyper growth stage requiring a Chief Executive Officer with the skills, experience and network to lead this phase of the business. Scott brings a lot of experience in enterprise selling and building hyper growth teams, with a fresh perspective and passion.”

JESI Management Solutions welcomes Scott

The future growth for JESI under Scott’s leadership is exciting, having previously carved out opportunities for start-ups within large corporate organisations such as Konica Minolta, where he delivered a 316% YOY growth between 2020 and 2021.

“These experiences have provided a strong background in the robust processes, methodologies, governance and risks associated with running large corporations which I will incorporate in delivering JESI’s full potential, a 9-fold revenue growth” Scott said.

In a time where proactive management and visualisation of remote and isolated workers is increasing challenged by compliance and safety risks, the global market expansion opportunities for JESI, continue to be an attractive proposition for investment.

The Series-A Investment of $4.5m has provided the company the capital to recruit significant talent, further differentiate the product and set the platform for hyper growth in 2022.

Consideration and subsequent due diligence for accepting the role as Chief Executive Officer, was founded on the significant market opportunity, the existing traction of Global Customers and the calibre of partnerships already secured, for example Microsoft.

JESI remote worker management software

“JESI’s noble purpose is an economic and business benefit as it actually saves lives.”

“To help develop a company that has already achieved incredible growth in the market and a cause I feel passionate about, is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Scott.

“The global market is quite extraordinary, expecting growth from $36bn currently, to a forecast of $318bn by 2025 and the fact that JESI is already executing is beyond exciting.”

JESI is a Remote Worker Management Software that enables organisations to control the risks associated with a diverse workforce operating across multiple geographic locations.

JESI is established as a leading international software solution for remote workers across a wide range of industry sectors including resources, construction, education and health.