JCDecaux launches SMARTFRAME across three other Australian regions

Mike Watkins, Country Head for New Zealand at JCDecaux

Leading Out-of-Home media company JCDecaux New Zealand is continuing to expand its footprint with the growth of its high-impact, digital portrait SMARTFRAME network across the country in areas of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The growth has been impactful.

What is the market reach of JCDecaux SMARTFRAME?

The JCDecaux SMARTFRAME network ambitiously launched in 2019 with five screens around Auckland CBD. It has now grown to twenty screens, including in Wellington and Christchurch, with plans to more than double the size of the network in New Zealand to reach a total of fifty panels by the end of the year, 2023. Six screens were added in Auckland last year to create a network of 14 frames, each positioned in high dwelling locations, ring-fencing the CBD.

Three in Wellington and three in Christchurch are located on high traffic, main arterials for city access and exits. Also new to the network is JCDecaux New Zealand’s first SMARTFRAME MAX, which is being debuted at Taranaki Street in Wellington this month. At an impressive 4.2m x 6.4m, the frame is 80 percent (80%) bigger than a standard ordinary SMARTFRAME screen.

It delivers advertisers a long lead-in viewing at high dwell times. An additional SMARTFRAME MAX will be launched in Auckland in 2023 as part of the roll out of the additional 30 frames.

Mike Watkins, Country Head, JCDecaux New Zealand, said: “Our SMARTFRAME network is growing due to demand, with the significant expansion providing advertisers the ability to reach volumes of valuable audience segments at high frequency. This format is unique to JCDecaux, measuring 3.1m by 4.8m, with screens strategically located for optimal advertising impact. Combined they deliver 7.8 million connections during a two-week campaign.”

What are the perks of the JCDecaux SMARTFRAME?

JCDecaux SMARTFRAME network supports programmatic trading and allows flexibility in regards to creative messaging, giving advertisers the opportunity to run messages that are reactive, tactical and location specific to increase the consumers’ engagement and relevance.

These sites are an ideal solution for advertisers with a preference for portrait orientation and are designed for ease of creative supply. At close to 9:16, standard digital ratio, brands can extend digital campaigns to SMARTFRAME panels without having to recreate digital assets. This means that they provide a strong creative bridge between digital advertising campaigns and are an effective priming media for brands with a strong digital conversion funnel.


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