Janus Henderson Board of Directors welcomes Nelson Peltz and Garden

Nelson Peltz (Left) and Ed Garden (Centre), Independent Non-Executive Directors, Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson Group plc is expanding its Board of Directors with two new members. Nelson Peltz and Ed Garden of Trian Partners will join as Independent Non-Executive Directors.

Mr. Nelson Peltz is the Chief Executive Officer and a Founding Partner of Trian Partners, and Mr. Ed Garden is Trian’s Chief Investment Officer and a Founding Partner.

Trian beneficially owns 16.7% of Janus Henderson’s outstanding common stock.

Janus Henderson Board glad to get Peltz and Garden

Richard Gillingwater, the Chairman of Janus Henderson’s Board of Directors is buoyant.

“Janus Henderson Group prides itself on its commitment to providing the best-in-class corporate governance and active shareholder engagement to its stakeholders.”

“For this reason therefore, Board refreshment remains a longstanding priority and we are extremely pleased to welcome Nelson and Ed to our Board of Directors.”

“We look forward to benefitting from their deep industry experience, fresh perspectives, and valuable insights as we search for a new Chief Executive Officer and evaluate growth opportunities while targeting expansion into new markets and products.”

Appointees believe in the future of Janus Henderson

Mr. Peltz and Mr. Garden appreciated this development and said, “As the Company’s largest shareholder, Trian believes strongly in the future of Janus Henderson.”

“We envisage numerous operating and strategic opportunities ahead and we look forward to working with the Janus Henderson Board and its leadership team so as to help Janus Henderson create significant long-term value for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

With these appointments and the previously announced appointment of Alison Davis, the Company has added three new independent directors since February 2021.

The Board will now consist of 12 members, 11 of whom are independent.