Jackson Meyer turns over $76 million and embarks on virtual reality journey

Jackson Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of Verus Global

Despite the disruptions to the freight forwarding industry this year, award winning Australian entrepreneur, Forbes 30 Under 30 Alumni, and CEO of Verus Global, Jackson Meyer has experienced unparalleled growth and success, and has his sights set on the tech industry.

Meyer’s freight forwarding company Verus Global celebrated its second financial year in business, turning over $76 million, an 81% YOY increase from the FY20 financial year.

Verus Global disrupts freight and forwarding

Since its inception, Verus Global has set out to disrupt the freight forwarding industry, and from day one, Meyer has been championing adopting tech to modernise the industry.

Meyer launched Fickle, a patent pending, global data analysis and visualisation platform.

Referring to Fickle as the “Uber of data management,” Meyer ultimately created the platform as a solution for companies to manage and evolve their freight forwarding operations. 

“We are improving Fickle, to analyse customer’s products, purchasing and ordering patterns. Fickle facilitates us to export data that customers didn’t even know they had.”

“Fickle has my team working smarter and more efficiently, making for fruitful profit gain, increasing our revenue $40 million year on year – without increasing our headcount.”

“It has allowed us to open up to new markets we wouldn’t have cracked previously.”

Meyer credits much of his success in FY21 to Fickle, which has contributed to Verus Global operating sustainability, and reduced waste output for the business, its clients and operations.

All critical documents relating to shipments are stored in the Fickle cloud, making data available at the click of a button, and eliminating the need to print.

Fickle offers a consolidation tab to identify cost effective routes and consolidate the freight based on required, ready, and available dates, prior to the shipment reaching its destination.

This reduces trucks’ fuel emissions, operating resources, tonnes of plastic and wrapping. 

So, what’s next for Fickle? 

“Further expansion into Europe and the Middle East is my goal for FY21.”

“We have received interest from the big banks and fintech companies in Europe and the UK, to utilise Fickle for their compliance and risk management in business operations.”

“Shareholders will gain confidence as banks will know where their money is being deployed from credit approval to the deployment, the status of transactions and purchase orders.”

“Suppliers avoid incorrect allocation of funds from a customer and provide an ETA when the bank gets paid, giving the banks transparency to improve their customer service offering.”

“It will be rewarding to see Fickle operate in this new space and market,” says Meyer. 

Meyer is rolling out a virtual shopping experience for one of Australia’s largest retailers. Users will be able to walk into stores virtually, all while shopping from their living rooms.

The experience fits the current state of events with lockdowns across most of Australia.

Meyer wants to keep innovating, and disrupting an industry that is typically rife with traditional old school mentality and still dismissive of embracing technology solutions.