IWG partners with Ouson Group to launch Regus workspace in Burwood

International Workplace Group (IWG), the global provider of hybrid working solutions with brands including Spaces and Regus, is opening a new flexible workspace in Burwood, Victoria as the demand for hybrid working accelerates. The opening is being delivered in partnership with Ouson Group, who has entered into a management agreement with the Regus brand.

What does the new workspace bring to Victoria?

Unprecedented demand from companies of all sizes and workers looking for hybrid working solutions means IWG will add 1,000 new locations over the next year. Hybrid working offers companies a significantly lower cost base with an average saving of $11k per employee.

Demand for workspaces in Victoria has performed strongly, with the number of enquiries for space in IWG locations continuing to sharply increase. Burwood is one of Victoria’s fastest growing commercial locations. Situated in Burwood’s Greenwood Place Business Park, 14 kms from Melbourne CBD, this new location is part of a drive by International Workplace Group to meet the sharply rising demand for top class flexible working space in the area.

IWG has already secured several tenants for the Regus Burwood workspace with whom pre-commitment agreements have been signed. Ouson Group invested in IWG to maximise the return on their real estate space by capitalising on the growing demand for hybrid working. With an annual investment of around AUD 90m into its tech platform, IWG provides partners with access to its expertise, design and fit-out support and sales and marketing capabilities.

The new Regus location will include facilities including private offices, meeting rooms, co-working, and creative spaces. It can house 300 workstations, spacious breakout areas and multiple sized meeting rooms with floor to ceiling windows providing views of the landscaped gardens. The spacious 3.4 Ha grounds are beautifully landscaped with ample onsite parking, onside café. The tenants include Deakin University, Telstra, and our partners at Ouson Group.

The three-storey building will provide space for established firms and start-ups across a range of industries including IT, communications, finance, and health, while IWG’s Design Your Own Office service allows companies to tailor their space entirely to their requirements. IWG is one of the leading provider of flexible workspace – with 3,500 locations in over 120 countries with members able to access all of the locations and business services via the IWG app.

As the ongoing shift towards hybrid working accelerates, conventional office occupancy will continue to fall as more businesses turn to flexible workspace instead. In 2022, IWG welcomed hundreds of new partner locations and is on track to add around 1,000 over the course of the next year. In its recent financial results, IWG had the highest-ever network footprint of more than 65 million sq. ft. – making it a global market leader in the space.

What does the new space mean for IWG?

IWG’s multi-brand expansion strategy is designed to appeal to every type of business and entrepreneur. IWG creates personal, financial, and strategic value for businesses of every size, from some of the most exciting companies and well-known organisations on the planet, to individuals and the next generation of industry leaders. All of them harness the power of flexible working to increase their productivity, efficiency, agility, and market proximity.

Damian Sheehan, IWG Country Head Australia, commented: “With the rapidly growing demand for hybrid working, we are establishing a much-needed footprint in the Melbourne suburbs, bringing high quality workplaces to the heart of local neighbourhoods.”

“This trend will further accelerate over the coming months and years and this new centre in the Victorian suburb of Burwood is a great example of the type of location that is in unprecedented demand. As hybrid working has become the new normal, the need for high-quality flexible workspaces near a person’s residential address is becoming more in demand.”

Damian Sheehan, Country Head for Australia at IWG
Damian Sheehan, Country Head for Australia at IWG

“Our commitment with Ouson Group comes at a time when more firms are discovering that flexible working boosts employee happiness and satisfaction, while helping the environment with less travel time required to and from the office. Our workplace model is also proven to increase productivity and allows for a business to scale up or down at greatly reduced costs.”

What does the partnership mean for Ouson Group?

Commenting on the partnership, Ryan Ouyang, Managing Director, Ouson Group said: “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with IWG, marking a significant milestone for our firm and our Greenwood asset. IWG has opened new opportunities for us to provide innovative and flexible workspace solutions to our clients. We’re now able to offer office users access to a wide range of flexible workspace solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs.”

“This not only offers greater flexibility to our clients, but also enables us to expand. Greenwood Business Park service offerings will now provide workspace solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to big corporate businesses, on either a short-term or long-term basis. I am looking forward to working together with IWG in a strategic partnership that meet the evolving needs of the modern workforce in Australia.”

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