IperionX appoints curated finance expert Toby Symonds as President

Anastasios Arima, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at IperionX

IperionX Limited (IperionX), a player in the development of a sustainable and circular titanium metal supply chain, announced the appointment of Toby Symonds as President of IperionX.

What does Symonds bring to IperionX in the new role?

Mr. Symonds has worked with IperionX since 2021, first as an advisory board member and then as Chief Strategy Officer. He is a highly experienced executive with over 30 years of experience across senior roles in operations, sales, strategy, finance and asset management.

Mr. Symonds served as a senior advisor to private equity, hedge funds and real estate asset managers, including Coliseum Capital Management, Sweetwater Capital Partners and Mosaic Real Estate Investors. Toby was an MD at SAC Capital’s Business Development Group and was a founding partner of ENA Investment Capital in London and Altai Capital Management in New York. Prior to this, Symonds spent over 11 years at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the appointment?

Commenting on the appointment, Todd Hannigan, Executive Chairman of IperionX said: “I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Toby Symonds as President of IperionX.”

“Toby has been leading our customer engagement – we now have a strong pipeline of over 40 potential clients signed onto our confidential sales delivery process across the automotive, consumer electronic and defense sectors. Toby has extensive leadership experience in building high performance teams and we look forward to his continued success at IperionX.”

Commenting on the appointment, Anastasios Arima, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of IperionX added: “Toby is an exceptional strategist and proven leader who builds effective, diverse, and successful teams. With his skilled leadership across sales, government relations, finance and business development, IperionX is well positioned for rapid growth.”

“Companies in the automotive, consumer electronics and luxury goods sectors are seeking to develop zero carbon supply chains and maximize their usage of circular materials. IperionX provides the only commercially available circular, low-carbon titanium production process.”