InvestorKit announces $1.65 million investment in AI to help strengthen its research and technology capabilities

Arjun Paliwal, Founder and Head of Research at InvestorKit
Arjun Paliwal, Founder and Head of Research at InvestorKit

InvestorKit, one of Australia’s leading buyers agencies, has announced an investment of more than $1.65 million over five years to help strengthen its research and technology capabilities and further unlock opportunity in the commercial and residential property market.

As part of its focus on tech innovation, InvestorKit has welcomed Ankit Paliwal as Head of Technology. Ankit brings over a decade of experience in tech strategy, AI, automation, and digital development, having worked with brands such as Allianz, Apple, Google, and Samsung.

What is the mission behind the investment?

This strategic investment in innovative, cutting edge technology solutions will see InvestorKit launch its world-class, artificial intelligence-driven staff training program, “IKit GPT,” integrating decades of property data, both historical and forward focussed, with internal frameworks and strategies to sharpen the team’s skills and enhance customer experiences.

Founder and Head of Research, Arjun Paliwal, said InvestorKit has built a reputation for outperformance, consistently topping national market averages for clients. He said an even greater investment in market research and technology will unlock the agency’s full potential.

“InvestorKit aims to leverage the latest tech to simplify the buying process and empower our clients with tools and data to make smart property investment decisions,” Arjun commented.

“With increasingly tightening markets and limited supply leading to fervent competition across both the residential and commercial market, it is imperative that investors have access to the data and expertise that gives them confidence to make quick, informed decisions. That is our goal at InvestorKit. This significant investment will ensure our clients have access to the latest in innovation and continue to enjoy cutting edge service and best-in-class advice,” Arjun said.

What does Ankit bring to his new role?

Ankit commented: “I am extremely thrilled to be joining the InvestorKit team and playing a pivotal role in transforming the buying experience for Australian investors. An investment of this size will allow us to creatively and strategically leverage technology to deliver meaningful outcomes and further strengthen InvestorKit’s position as Australia’s leading buyers agency.”

Under Ankit’s leadership, InvestorKit is prioritising a suite of transformative initiatives, like:

  • Automated and Remote Interfaces: Streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions through automated sales interfaces will provide an unparalleled level of efficiency and quality.
  • Partnership Community App: Building stronger relationships with Australia’s Top Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Solicitors, and Accountants, InvestorKit’s app will foster transparency and offer a greater investing experience for mutual clients.
  • AI-Powered Tools and Calculators: Leveraging BIG data, InvestorKit’s property team will make investment decisions at scale and speed, simplifying the process for clients and providing comprehensive analysis in a singular system.
  • All-In-One Customer Hub: Creating a centralised platform, InvestorKit’s hub will provide clients with easy access to portfolio planning softwares they currently use, improved cash flow projections, buying milestones, and a white-glove buying experience.
  • AI-Driven Property Performance Tracking: Tracking area price changes, performance, listed rentals, and more in real-time, InvestorKit’s AI-driven trackers will keep clients informed about investments and deliver superior location analysis and results. Annual reviews will soon turn into tailored high frequency insights alongside them.
  • Buy/Sell/Hold Cycle Analysis Engine: Analysing properties based on risk factors and market landscape, InvestorKit’s engine will empower clients to make strategic investment decisions. It isn’t all about buying, sometimes the best moves for a portfolio can be less is or keep it the same but something different. We want our customers to have greater confidence in their overall portfolio.

“InvestorKit’s primary goal now is to continue being the most trusted, data-driven buyers agency for successful business owners and professionals looking to scale their portfolios. With Ankit at the helm of technology, the company is poised to redefine the property investment landscape through innovative PropTech solutions,” Arjun further commented.