InterconnectDATA, a business data platform for information discovery

Maya Miranda Ambarsari, President commissioner, InterconnectDATA

Teknologi Cakra Internasional developed the InterconnectDATA platform as a key business data platform where you can discover business information that can be put to use to derive maximum business results. One can find precise data that can be of significant help.

Teknologi Cakra Internasional has taken its commitment to authentic data to the next level with its launch of the new platform InterconnectDATA. This is yet another fascinating addition to the big data space that will enable many people to access timely insights.

Teknologi Cakra Internasional has carefully studied the big data space and concluded that the future lies in insights. That is why they created InterconnectDATA, a platform that enables global businesses to find the necessary information to aid their decisions in business.

Data instrumental in global business operations

It is an open secret that big data is crucial to the next global developmental phase. With this picture in mind, InterconnectDATA is stepping up as a business information platform in Asia that helps industry professionals streamline their business offerings.

The business information platform has since its launch become a go-to for authentic data.

Its core values guide Teknologi Cakra Internasional in delivering excellent service to its clients. From innovation, loyalty, and even collaboration, Teknologi Cakra Internasional explains.

“We question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. If there is a better way, we’ll find it. We’re excited by ingenuity and thrilled to try something new. We are also flexible, dynamic and adaptive, in Delivering Value-based solutions to Succeed in our business.”

To realize the vision for InterconnectDATA, Maya Miranda Ambarsari, a president commissioner, Andreas Reza, the commissioner, and Rany Fardiany, the Chief Executive Officer, worked tirelessly to launch this authentic data platform.

“How to find authentic data and information platforms to make the best decisions. With the answers to these questions presenting limitless opportunities, InterconnectDATA was born.”

InterconnectDATA making major strides in the industry

Forming strong partnerships in the industry has helped propel InterconnectDATA and their parent company Teknologi Cakra Internasional to the forefront. They have managed to partner with S&P Global, Statista, and the IDX Indonesia stock exchange.

“We work with partners around the world from individual Employers and regional startups to multinational enterprises In the public and private sectors, government, and communities.”

Technology continues to lay claim on every industry, AI is increasingly seeping into data and analytics. This has enabled InterconnectDATA to provide smart ways for industry professionals to gather insights around funding, acquisitions, events, and news in their industry.

The platform is geared towards speeding up the business journey and as guided by authentic data. This is true for those with an interest in the Bursa Efek Indonesia.

“We’re with you in every step of your business journey. By knowing authentic information throughout our recommendations and insights, you will continually make the best decisions.”

With Teknologi Cakra Internasional handling the IT side of things, InterconnectDATA is fully immersed in becoming a big analytic platform that will change data consumption in the world.

The platform’s growing popularity is a testament to the need for comprehensive data on private and public markets for various professionals.

“When curiosity meets innovation, the world around us moves forward,” states CEO Fardiany.