Intelsat announces innovative content distribution system for broadcasters

Pascale Fromont, Vice President of Media at Intelsat
Pascale Fromont, Vice President of Media at Intelsat

Intelsat, operator of one of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and global provider of inflight connectivity (IFC), has announced a new content distribution system that will use the internet to transport quality video content around the globe. The IntelsatOne IP service capitalizes on Intelsat’s decades of satellite and terrestrial experience to deliver reliability, customer service, global reach, content backup capabilities and scalability.

What is the market offering of IntelsatOne IP?

Commenting on the new system, Pascale Fromont, Vice President of Media at Intelsat, said, “IntelsatOne IP increases the reach and flexibility of the Intelsat Global Media Network and complements our existing global satellite and fiber footprint. IntelsatOne IP offers more connectivity options to broadcasters of all sizes looking for more affordable and reliable ways to transport content as well as for those seeking new ways to increase viewership.”

IntelsatOne IP is designed as a global interconnected network powered by a software platform eliminating the need for hardware which makes for faster deployment.

Using Intelsat’s groundbreaking hybrid terrestrial and satellite infrastructure broadcasters are also able to access the full Intelsat Global Media Network, ultimately bringing connectivity that traditional IP providers are unable to provide. This empowers media customers with a secure, global solution equipped with full network visibility, controlled, multi-destination routing management and enhanced end-to-end video management and streaming protection.

Intelsat’s new product is currently available today for customers to begin testing use cases. IntelsatOne IP will become commercially available as an operational service at a later date.