IntellectEU now listed on the Swift CSP assessment providers directory

IntellectEU, a world-renown innovator in digital transformation and emerging technologies, has announced that it is now a listed assessment provider for the Swift Customer Security Programme (CSP), with a particular focus on public cloud security. This significant milestone showcases IntellectEU’s commitment to fostering secure financial ecosystems and reinforces its position as a recognized industry expert in the domain of cloud-based security solutions.

What is the market offering of Swift CSP?

The Swift CSP is an essential initiative designed to fortify the security of the global financial messaging system. With an unwavering dedication to the safety and integrity of financial transactions, Swift has been instrumental in establishing a robust framework for its community members to safeguard against cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities.

As part of this initiative, IntellectEU will also conduct assessments tailored to the specific challenges posed by public cloud environments. IntellectEU’s extensive expertise in cloud security and technology solutions, combined with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, will give financial institutions and other Swift users confidence to meet the stringent security standards prescribed by the CSP when adopting public cloud services. 

What does this mean for IntellectEU?

“We are delighted to be listed as a Swift CSP assessment provider for the public cloud focus area. This new milestone underscores our dedication to driving innovation and security excellence in the financial services sector,” said Ivan Shvets, Engineering Manager, IntellectEU.

“Our team of experts is fully committed to assisting organizations in fortifying their cloud-based infrastructures and ensuring a safer financial ecosystem,” Ivan Shvets further added.

By leveraging IntellectEU’s domain knowledge and assessment methodologies, financial institutions can gain a broad understanding of their public cloud security posture. IntellectEU’s assessments will equip organizations with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance their overall security, mitigate risks, and strengthen their resilience to cyber threats.