Insightful research and presentation of solutions to leadership crises

Dayo Olomu, Author, The Premium Leader: Leadership Attributes and Strategies for Today's Volatile World

“The Premium Leader: Leadership Attributes and Strategies for Today’s Volatile World” by Dayo Olomu, offers premium leader solutions through seven key attributes.

Studies on leadership are dynamic, hence new advances must establish such strands that will progress enduring panacea to nascent issues of relevance to critical leadership advancement.

With intense precision, the Premium Leader dissects the hotly discussed topic of leadership as a panacea to the constantly evolving global administrative and political terrains.

Aside from identifying the leadership deficits such as seemingly insurmountable challenges; 

The book also highlights those attributes that are the sine qua non for effectiveness, efficiency and astounding excellence in the 4th Industrial Revolution and a new world order that is increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous hence the VUCA world.

However, what else could offer a solution to the scorching global leadership crisis other than the listed seven attributes of Awareness, Anticipation, Adaptability, Accountability, Inspirational, Resilience and Audacity each deservedly treated in whole chapters?

“The Premium Leader: Leadership Attributes and Strategies for Today’s Volatile World” is a seminal work of insightful research and appealing presentation which is bound to appeal to a wide range of leadership cadres, administrators, students and enthusiasts alike.

A foreword excerpt by Professor Imafidon reads

“(Dayo Olomu) provides a diverse and profound elixir to the absorbing issues that have intrigued scholars for ages, regarding how to manage a world, riven by disease pandemic, poverty, inequality, trade disputes, climate change, and crime.”

“This book provides an overview of leadership and addresses the concept of VUCA and the 4th Industrial Revolution. However, its strength is the listing of a premium leader’s attributes.”

The said attributes include the following; Awareness, Anticipation, Adaptability, Accountability, Inspirational, Resilience and Audacity. All the listed are treated in various chapters.”

Professor Chris Imafidon is Multi Guinness World record holder, internationally acclaimed adviser to Monarchs, Presidents, Governments and Corporate Leaders, the Chair of the Program & Mentor to New York Times bestselling authors.

Dayo Olumu’s intrinsic “The Premium Leader: Leadership Attributes and Strategies for Today’s Volatile World” is now available on Amazon for readers looking to rouse their intellect.

About the Author

Dayo Olomu holds a prestigious CV, immediate past Chair, CIPD South London;

He is chair, Black on Board Community, UK, and Board Member at Southwark Diocesan Board of Education is a renowned global motivational speaker, learning and development consultant, human capital growth expert, corporate trainer, and business mentor.

Dayo is also an executive coach, award-winning event host, bestselling author, mindfulness enthusiast and mental health champion and keynote speaker.

He is also a holder of 165 awards in 25 categories, he holds an honors degree in Business Information Systems, MSc in Human Resources, and an honorary doctorate.

He has a Diploma in Coaching, an Advanced Certificate in Public Relations, an Advanced Professional Certificate in Strategic Leader, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

Dayo is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

 He is a member of the Institute of Information Management Africa (IIM), and also of, International Leadership Association to cap off an already industrious Curriculum Vitae.

An abiding passion for making a positive difference in the world, developing people, empowering women, and youths, supporting entrepreneurs, transforming businesses, coaching leaders, and helping clients to achieve results gets him out of bed every morning.

A long-suffering Arsenal fan, his outside interests apart from work, include long-distance walking, running marathons, fire walking, board-breaking, bar-bending, mountain climbing and skydiving which he does to raise money for charities in Africa and the United Kingdom.

His long-term goal is space travel as nothing will compare to seeing the earth from space.