Australian milk brand, Inside Out will mint a small collection of NFTs

Anthony Tuong (Left) and Vuong Nguyen (Right), Founders of Inside Out Nutritious Goods

Popular Australian non-dairy milk brand, Inside Out, has commissioned seven pieces of artwork that will be minted into a limited number of exclusive NFTs that customers will be in with a chance of owning.

The artwork was created by two artists and is an eclectic mix to showcase all elements of Australia.

From light-hearted, humorous pieces, to artwork that looks deeper into the rich Australian history, the farming industry and its incredible farmers and what modern lifestyle looks like in Australia. 

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the latest crypto assets trend that is currently taking over the internet.

NFTs are easy to understand and open the doors for people to share, view and buy works of creativity. NFTs are digital items that are often rare or one of a kind, that can be traded on the blockchain.

Similar to traditional crypto assets, NFTs are stored in digital wallets which allow them to remain secure.

NFTs Vs Crypto

However, a major difference between NFTs and other crypto assets is that instead of being used as currency they are similar to collectibles, assigned to digital works of art, videos and music.

If an NFT is minted on the blockchain, it means it has clear ownership, creating a collectors heaven. This can simply be enjoyed by the owner, or used as a potential investment for similarly minded collectors.

Inside Out is working with two Aussie artists, Sandra Cipriotti and Eryn Leggatt who, between them, will create the seven pieces of digital artwork that Inside Out customers will be in with a chance of securing.

Sandra Cipriotti specializes in portraiture and figures. She aims to tell a personal story while building a connection with the viewer, investigating space, context and composition in her methodology.

She will be creating two pieces of artwork that embrace the core values of Australia.

One will be crafted to focus on the Indigenous peoples of Australia, celebrating the richness and significance of their culture to the identity of Australia.

She will also create a piece that will celebrate the local farmers and growers, called “Unsung Heroes” which recognizes the contribution farmers make towards this country.

Eryn Leggatt has a very minimal, digital and ‘commercial art’ style to her work, which includes thick lines, flat colors, and oversimplification of shapes.

Eryn will be producing the six other artworks, inspired by a number of modern-day consumer habits and lifestyles including the Aussie beach lifestyle, ‘phone eats first’ culture and the trend of coffee art.

One of the pieces of art is inspired by Dali’s iconic ‘melting clock’ painting, which Eryn has called “The Persistence of Milk – Time’s Up”. In an artistic description of how some things are better left in the past.

Crypto market, area of interest for Inside Out clientele

Anthony Tuong, Co-founder of Inside Out said, “We’re really excited to take this step into the crypto market and as it becomes more of an area of interest for our consumers, we think it’s a really fun and interesting way to open ourselves up and show who we really are as a team, a company, a brand.”

“We commissioned “bigger than business” pieces to express that despite being a company that manufactures and sells non-dairy milk for money, there are so many things that matter more.”

“We are homegrown and we want to make it clear that this isn’t possible without paying respect and acknowledging our Indigenous people and the historical significance and richness of their culture.”

“Our business relies on the strength and resilience of our farming and agricultural industry – to me, they’re our backbone, the unsung heroes. We also want to show our light-hearted, playful side.”

“We’re a young, dynamic, contemporary brand and business so we thought we’d come up with a handful of self-deprecating, comical pieces that make fun of ourselves and this new digital age we’re living in.”

Inside Out clients keen to snag one of the exclusive NFTs need to follow some simple steps.

For the pieces created by Eryn which focus on the more light-hearted nature of modern-day lifestyle, they will simply need to set up a Metamask wallet and send their “receive” address to with their choice.

Inside Out will then transfer a uniquely minted artwork to own forevermore.

For the ‘bigger than brand’ pieces created by Sandra, customers will need to like and comment on the exclusive NFT competition post on Inside Out’s Instagram, telling them what it is that they love about Australia to be entered in the draw to win one of five uniquely minted NFTs.