InMoment’s tailored feedback solution helps top brands determine their best ‘Return to Work’ strategies

InMoment helps top brands determine their best ‘Return to Work’ strategies

InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI)™, and a leader in employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) solutions, today announced an employee Return to Work technology offering.

It designed to identify employee attitudes about office or at-home workplace safety and personal health, work procedures and environmental needs, and ongoing employee well-being as employees adapt to new working environments.

As the world considers reopening, leaders of the world’s top brands are wondering how to help their employees adapt to the new normal.

These leaders need a way to assess the mental, physical, and emotional state of readiness of their employees and what actions they should take to create the right employee work environment.

The InMoment technology and expert services solution uniquely prioritises employee attitudes and sentiment—placing the human element front and center.

This is to ensure how employees feel about proposed changes is known by business leaders and proper action can be taken to ensure business success and progress.

How does this technology deliver results?

The InMoment Return to Work technology solution offers three employee feedback templates designed by experts at InMoment that gather data in key areas:

  1. Employee personal health and safety; are employee basic needs adequately addressed.
  2. Office or remote work environments and overall workforce engagement; are employees working together in the right way and adapting to new work processes.
  3. On-going employee well-being; what needs should business leaders know about and address to positively impact the workforce and keep employees engaged, invested, and excited.

This technology enables business leaders to gather feedback from their workforce and receive expertly-designed reports.

Three feedback templates are available to the public free of charge. For additional fees, InMoment offers targeted text analytics, additional feedback opportunities, and expert analysis and recommendations.

The combined solution provides executives a clear assessment of employee perceptions, mindsets, and employees’ willingness to embrace new standards and processes at work.

It also reveals what matters most to employees if they were to return to the office, and where leaders should focus their time and energy for the best impact on employee morale.

“This is a delicate time for both employees and employers, and business leaders have to get it right or employee trust and engagement could plummet, impacting company performance,” said Stacy Bolger, VP global employee experience at InMoment.

“Business leaders should take advantage of this intelligence to build a smarter plan that prioritizes actions based on how employees actually feel. This drives high employee engagement at a critical time.”

For more information about the InMoment Return to Work solution, visit here.