InMobi integrates mobile supply with Yahoo’s DSP to support advertisers

Richard O’Sullivan, Vice President and General Manager at InMobi

InMobi, a provider of content, monetisation and marketing tech that help businesses fuel growth, announced an integration of its InMobi Exchange supply-side side platform (SSP) into Yahoo’s demand-side platform (DSP). This will give advertisers, brands and media buyers across Yahoo’s portfolio direct access to premium in-app supply and a user base, at scale. 

What does the integration mean for Yahoo users?

Previously, InMobi’s substantial supply of international audiences had only been available through third-party exchanges for Yahoo; this collaboration provides SDK-powered direct inventory, without intermediaries, creating smooth supply path optimisation for advertisers around the world and establishing increased transparency and efficiency for buyers.

For InMobi’s wide stable of publisher partners, being plugged directly into Yahoo’s DSP means increased monetisation capability and higher coverage with premium Fortune 500 brands.

Yahoo’s omnichannel DSP is fueled by over 200 billion data signals, enabling optimised and efficient reach. Yahoo partners with the industry’s premier supply, including its own SSP, to bring brands robust inventory opportunities, while driving supply optimisation.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the integration?

“Yahoo cultivates diverse premium supply. In partnering with InMobi, we’re creating a more direct line of sight for advertisers and boosting transparency and optimisation opportunities,” says Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, VP of Global Revenue and Client Solutions at Yahoo.

“Yahoo and InMobi have a long and distinguished presence in the region and their direct integration brings together two heavyweights for the first time at scale. Advertisers accessing Yahoo DSP will now have access to mobile-first inventory across both premium supply and the increasingly, in-demand gaming,” says Richard O’Sullivan, VP and GM, ANZ at InMobi. 

“Supply path optimisation is an important element that many are focused on throughout the industry. This partnership gives advertisers a straight line to the Yahoo DSP with greater efficiencies in setting-up and optimising campaigns to better reach target audiences,” says Kunal Nagpal, SVP and General Manager, Publisher Platform and Exchange at InMobi.