Infobip announces APAC leadership changes to bolster CX in the region

Silvio Kutic, Chief Executive Officer at Infobip

Infobip, a global cloud communications platform, has appointed Ruslana Reznikova as Vice President and General Manager, APAC & Eurasia, and Velid Begovic as Vice President, Revenue, APAC. The leadership appointments signal the company’s commitment to Asia Pacific (APAC) and its objective to deliver improved business results for companies in the region by simplifying how they connect and engage with their customers at scale.

What do the appointees bring to Infobip?

Reznikova, who was previously the Managing Director, Eurasia, will leverage her deep understanding of the enterprise sector to help firms execute their customer engagement strategies. At the same time, Begovic, previously Sales Director, APAC, will play an essential role in driving digital transformation with his expertise in cloud-based communications tech.

To further drive omnichannel customer experiences across APAC, the company has also appointed two Sales Directors, Tina Wang for North APAC and Cecile Perez Tizon for South APAC. Together, the new leadership team will enable firms to meet fast-evolving consumer demands, helping them achieve better customer engagement with innovative omnichannel communication tech that creates seamless interactions between businesses and customers.

Velid Begovic, VP Revenue, APAC, said: “The APAC encompasses a wide range of diverse customer expectations. To capitalize on the potential opportunities and fulfil the demands of clients, both local and global businesses, can leverage omnichannel communications to develop always-on services and offer personalized interactions that foster trust and loyalty.”

Ruslana Reznikova, Vice President and General Manager, APAC & Eurasia at Infobip

Ruslana Reznikova, Vice President and General Manager, APAC & Eurasia at Infobip, said: “Infobip is on an ambitious journey to help regional brands and businesses build and intelligently orchestrate all engagement activities across their customers’ lifecycles. As we embark on this next chapter, we are focused on enabling businesses with enhanced digital capabilities to lay the foundation for a conversational future built on connected experiences.”

What do the appointments mean for Infobip?

Commenting on the appointments, Silvio Kutic, Chief Executive Officer at Infobip, said: “Our commitment to APAC is not just a business strategy; it’s a reflection of our deep respect for the rich cultural diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative potential of this dynamic region. With our new leadership team in place, we are confident that we have the right people, with the right skills and vision, to steer our company towards a successful future.”

Infobip has championed transforming the customer experience landscape through omnichannel solutions available on a single platform. The company is committed to enabling firms to provide personalized interactions thus paving the way to create a direct, trusted, always-on connection throughout the customer journey—through the channels clients prefer.