Info sessions slated for February ahead of the Churchill Fellowship

To inspire your application for the 2023 Churchill Fellowship, you’re invited to attend online live information sessions throughout February, with Jay Laga’aia, Nova Perris, Leigh Radford and Paul West. You will hear from Churchill Fellows, and you can register for any session. It is not essential that you attend a session that aligns with your proposed Fellowship topic.

What can be expected of the live information sessions?

If you’re interested in a Churchill Fellowship, you should definitely attend at least one of these live sessions to hear more about the Churchill Fellowship journey, gain helpful advice on how to apply, as well as engage in a live Q&A. Registrations are essential, so secure your spot at one or more of these sessions in February 2023 and start thinking about your Churchill Fellowship application now. Applications will open on 1 March 2023 on our website.

Arts – with guest host Jay Laga’aia

​​In this live online session join host Jay Laga’aia and Churchill Fellows Kylie Jonson and Simone Slattery as they share their Fellowship experiences, impart insights on their fascinating projects and motivate you with what they have achieved since returning to Australia. You will also be able to engage in a live Q&A and gain helpful advice on how to apply.

Jay Laga’aia

Actor, singer and presenter. Best known globally for his role as Captain Typho in the films Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Jay Laga’aia has starred in several television shows, performed on stage and released albums.

Meet our speakers for this session

Kylie Johnson is dedicated to creating beautiful, quality handmade ceramics. Author and studio and gallery owner, Kylie work in all its forms sells in over 40 stores and galleries in Australia. Kylie was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2017 to study the art of Kintsugi and explore models of gallery spaces for ceramics. You can learn more about Kylie here.

​Simone Slattery is passionate about music from a wide range of eras. Simone is a violinist and one of Australia’s most versatile young musicians and performers. ​Simone was awarded the Dame Roma Mitchel sponsored Churchill Fellowship in 2018 to develop specialised skills in historical violin performance as performer and educator. Get more about Simone here.

​​A Churchill Fellowship is a life-changing opportunity to travel overseas to explore a topic you are passionate about. We encourage applications from all sectors and in any field or topic of interest. ​​To learn more about how you can become a Churchill Fellow, visit our website.