InEight further boosts construction management visibility with updates

Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight

InEight Inc., a construction project management software provider, announced the latest in its program of software innovations. The enhancements enable real-time collaboration, give contractors and owners a handle on change orders, deeper insights into cost and schedule threats, and provide opportunities through integration to optimise efficient project delivery.  

What were the executive’s thoughts on the updates?

“As the industry rises to the challenges of meeting the ever-growing demand for new construction, InEight remains committed to delivering innovative technology that enables organisations to scale and expand their operations through more effective, risk-adjusted planning and greater execution efficiency,” says Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight.

“These latest platform updates give owners and contractors the tools they need to overcome pressing challenges such as the labour shortage, positioning them to increase project delivery capacity without a requisite increase in experienced personnel.”

What do the new software updates offer stakeholders?

As part of these innovations, InEight has extended its digital time sheets to subcontractors, packed with key information. Additionally, a drawing comparison feature is newly available, making it easier to identify changes between revisions that could kick off an RFI process.

Real time collaboration

The subcontractor management features for real-time collaboration enable field teams to: 

  • Assign subcontractors to work breakdown structure (WBS) codes so they can in turn efficiently track their own daily plans.
  • Allow subcontractors to report daily hours, work progress, notes, and issues directly to the general contractor, eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Produce comprehensive daily reports to meet management/owner requirements.

Improved visibility

InEight’s connected process improves visibility at every step, enabling project teams to:

  • Identify vital changes and areas of interest by comparing drawings with previous versions.
  • React to issues and create requests for information (RFIs) with mobile functionality.
  • Reduce duplicate work and speed up change order approval timelines by efficiently pricing change orders that are backed up with a full audit trail of the issues included in the change.

Mitigate risk

Finally, new capabilities in the area of risk management:

  • Unify risk and scheduling practices with risk identification and mapping
  • Leverage better insights by capturing feedback and commentary on the plan
  • Drive quantitative assessments and eliminate traditional three-point estimates

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