Revolutionary international ride-share service inDrive launches in Sydney

Mike Chauhan, Country Manager Australia at inDrive

Revolutionary global ride-sharing service inDrive has arrived in Sydney. inDrive, with more than 150 million downloads of the platform in 47 countries, is revolutionising the rideshare experience through its unique model, which allows riders and drivers to negotiate fares.

Why is inDrive a unique market player?

Instead of manipulating prices through impersonal algorithms, often leading to unnecessary and crushing fees, the innovative inDrive brings transparency, and most importantly, fairness, through its process. Already embraced by riders and drivers alike in regions like Brisbane and Melbourne, inDrive is now offering an affordable, safe, and flexible platform for Sydney.

Commenting on the expansion, Mike Chauhan, Australian Country Manager, inDrive, said, “It is obvious that Sydneysiders are exhausted by the ride-share options currently available and are ready for a new experience, one that is fair and benefits riders and drivers. Our innovative model has led to inDrive becoming one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing platforms in the world, and Sydney is ready for something different, something fun and something fair for all.” 

inDrive’s model allows riders to set a suggested fare, then negotiate with the driver to reach an agreed amount. Ideally suited to longer routes and fares In Sydney, the minimum ride starts from $20, for longer distance rides or for rides during peak periods, riders and drivers alike will be able to negotiate prices which will often be below those of other rideshare aps.

This can include trips to the airport, where airport transport tariffs can make trips for many Sydneysiders prohibitively expensive – the longer the distance the better the price, with drivers and riders alike able to agree on the final fare. The passenger makes their request for a ride, indicating a starting point and destination, their suggested price, and any additional comments for the driver, such as a request for a children’s car seat or an additional stop. 

From there, drivers have the ability to either accept the offered fare or make a counteroffer. The passenger is then presented with offers from multiple drivers and can then choose the right driver best suited to the passenger’s needs, taking into consideration the fare amount, driver information and ratings, estimated time of arrival, and vehicle make/model.

How do stakeholders feel about inDrive?

Drivers have described the app as “flexible” and with a “positive” user experience, and riders appreciate the benefits of the “easy-to-use” app and “fair pricing”. inDrive’s is about humanising tech. Unlike the use of machine algorithms, inDrive’s model allows people to negotiate directly. inDrive does not manipulate prices but works outside of the standard ride-sharing algorithms to ensure riders and drivers arrive at a fare that is fair for both parties.

For the first six months in Sydney, it will not charge drivers commissions for rides, ensuring they make the most from the work they do. After the six-month period passes, inDrive guarantees that driver commissions will continue to be the lowest in Australia. “It’s the transparent, honest system which Australia has been waiting for,” said Chauhan. 

inDrive is available to download on Google Play, the AppStore and the Huawei Gallery.