Indonet taps Juniper to automate and modernize its network infrastructure

Juniper Networks, a player in secure, artificial intelligence-driven networks, announced that PT IndoInternetTbk (Indonet), an Indonesian digital infrastructure provider, has selected Juniper Apstra to help automate, modernize and facilitate an experience-first expansion of its network infrastructure. Through managed automated network provisioning and monitoring, Apstra has already delivered Indonet an estimated 20% in cost-savings efficiency.

As the largest archipelago, Indonesia has established a reputation as a preferred data center location in Southeast Asia due to its strategic location across vital shipping lanes, high levels of internet penetration and vibrant digital-first economy. To capitalize on this, the government has rolled out ambitious initiatives to accelerate economic growth, fueled by the urgency for digital transformation across industry sectors like manufacturing, finance and healthcare.

How did Indonet utilize Juniper Apstra?

The demand for scalable colocation services has spiked – with spending in the capital, Jakarta, expected to reach $938m by 2027 at a projected five-year CAGR of 22.7%. As Indonesia’s first Internet Service Provider, Indonet has built a reputation for providing scalable and reliable digital infrastructure solutions and is poised to capture more of that growth.

Indonet utilized Apstra to validate the design, deployment and operation of the EVPN/VXLAN overlay and IP fabric underlay of its latest data center, built on Juniper QFX Series Switches. The use of validated templates and zero-touch provisioning has resulted in reduced deployment times, allowing Indonet to significantly streamline the day-to-day management of its data center networks and unify them in a virtual environment seamlessly.

As the only solution in the industry supporting a multivendor environment, Apstra manages data centers built with different vendors, simplifying Indonet’s network operations while accelerating its scalability. Not only has Apstra reduced tedious manual tasks with repeatable blueprints, but it has also freed up skilled engineers at the company for more strategic work.

In addition, the latest networking upgrades supported by Juniper’s innovative Professional Services and Advanced Services further empower Indonet to better respond to customer needs with greater agility, providing ultra-low latency and highly reliable cloud solutions required to power the country’s enterprises – the backbone of Indonesia’s economic growth.

What does the Juniper partnership mean for Indonet?

Den Tossi Ishak, Chief Operating Officer at Indonet

Commenting on the partnership, Den Tossi Ishak, Chief Operating Officer, Indonet, said, “Our vision is to become the digital infrastructure enabler of choice in Indonesia. Our partnership with Juniper Networks has modernized our network, streamlined the management of our data centers and, most importantly, helped us predict problems before they arise.”

“This forms a strong foundation that will enable us to expand our footprint, respond to clients with great agility and help them to fully capture the growth potential Indonesia has to offer.”

“Juniper Networks is excited to grow Indonet’s network as they build out a simplified, reliable and efficient infrastructure across Indonesia. Apstra has facilitated the automation and expansion across their data centers and we look forward to continuing our journey together as they transform into a modern digital infrastructure provider, further fueling Indonesia’s growth momentum,” said Perry Sui, Senior Director, ASEAN & Taiwan, Juniper Networks.