Impressive Digital appoints Ronny Raichura as its first General Manager

Ronny Raichura, General Manager at Impressive Digital

Impressive Digital, an independent media agency on a mission to redefine the future of performance marketing, announced the hire of Ronny Raichura as General Manager. On the appointment of the newly formed role, Raichura will work closely with the company’s CEO Robert Tadros, focusing his efforts on delivering a clear strategy and vision for the future of Impressive Digital across all aspects of its business: strategy, product and operations.

What will be the role of Raichura at Impressive Digital?

Raichura will report to Tadros and he will be based at its Melbourne office. Raichura is responsible for running day-to-day operations for the office. He will also refine, strengthen and introduce new innovation to the firm’s products and services. He is also tasked with expanding the training and development hours per employee at the Impressive Academy.

Raichura will also work with the HR to redefine Impressive Digital’s culture and what that means going into 2023. This will include understanding what employees want, what’s expected of the agency, and then realigning in order to create a more ‘impressive’ culture.

Raichura joins Impressive Digital from his previous role as Head of Digital Activation at Resolution Australia where he worked on a range of digital marketing initiatives. He brings a wealth of practical experience to the company, having worked for global and national brands across performance marketing channels. His understanding of how to maximise performance marketing and conduct in-depth campaign analysis make him invaluable to the team.

The move to create Impressive Digital’s newest role comes as the firm’s CEO is focused on the strategic vision. The new position will assist in the roll out and execution of this vision.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the appointment?

Robert Tadros, Founder and CEO of Impressive Digital highlighted: “A decision to add a General Manager was made in order for me to better focus on growth and expansion plans. Given the Impressive Digital expansion happening in Australia and globally, this made sense.” 

“It was clearly evident that Ronny was the right person for the job. Ronny brings his business acumen and performance marketing experience and knowledge to the table. He’s also creative and analytical, making him perfect for this new role. Ronny is very confident in the vision of Impressive Digital and believes he can contribute greatly to the journey ahead. He’s just a good guy, which makes him a perfect right hand man and fit for our leadership team.”

Ronny Raichura, GM at Impressive Digital notes that the industry is in the midst of a huge, disruptive change and that in order to stay ahead of the curve, agencies need to be able to quickly adapt their capabilities. This means being able to offer more digital marketing products and services through online channels. “Impressive Digital is a cutting-edge performance marketing agency that is well positioned to leverage this agile way of working.”

“We have a fantastic foundation of quality talent and a library of custom products designed specifically for our clients’ needs. For me, it was an easy decision to take on the GM role.”

“The firm is experiencing tremendous growth and I’m excited to help influence the strategy as it continues to move forward. Clients and partners can expect to see a laser focused approach to digital performance marketing maturity, taking a scientific lens to everything we do where we match our exceptional team of experts with the latest advancements in tech.”