ImpaQt Group takes stake in digital health platform Cardihab to help manage Australia’s deadliest disease

Lisa Siganto, Managing Director, ImpaQt Group

ImpaQt Group has invested in Australian digital health company Cardihab to help expand solutions for the prevention and treatment of Australia’s killer, cardiovascular disease.

Cardihab is an Australian digital health company with a head office based in Queensland, that facilitates the virtual delivery of cardiac rehabilitation and chronic disease management programs for patients recovering from cardiac events and living with heart disease.

Patients use the Cardihab apps to complete their cardiac rehabilitation program from home virtually while under clinical supervision by qualified healthcare professionals.

Why is ImpaQt Group investing in Cardihab?

ImpaQt Group Managing Director Lisa Siganto said that the opportunity to invest early in Cardihab was overwhelmingly compelling.

“Intentionality is at the core of our investment strategy. Cardihab fits perfectly into our objectives to invest in companies that provide innovative and sustainable solutions to address the health and wellbeing priorities of our society,” Ms Siganto said.

“Cardihab can have a profound impact on people living with heart disease and particularly people in regional and remote communities who currently struggle to access cardiac rehabilitation programs and specialised cardiac care.”

“The platform can help reduce barriers to healthcare access for underserved beneficiaries.”

“The personalised program can support the tailored needs of individuals that typically do not participate in programs such as those with work or family commitments and women who are significantly underrepresented in traditional programs.”  

“This includes women whose participation in cardiac rehabilitation is low.”

Cardihab’s reaction to the ImpaQt Group’s investment

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris said, “The platform provides a clinically validated and COVID-19 safe solution, empowering patients to engage in self-management under clinical supervision.”

“Digital innovation in healthcare that enables patients and clinicians to manage chronic disease safely, remotely and more cost-effectively is critical for our healthcare system.”

“It also offers an important choice for patients that can help improve their quality of life while recovering from a traumatic health event like a heart attack.”

“Cardiovascular disease is the biggest health problem the Australian community faces both in terms of the number of people affected and the cost,” Ms Souris said.

“Digital health is essential to bring technology into the fold of healthcare in Australia as it has with other aspects of daily living like banking, shopping and entertainment.”

“The power of digital health in addressing cardiovascular disease management and treatment can only be achieved via a collaborative effort with healthcare professionals and patients.”

“It is also only possible with the generous support from investors like the ImpaQT Group who share our vision to deliver outcomes that will make a meaningful difference.”