Immediate psychological support to be rolled out for young job seekers

Con Kittos, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Asuria

Asuria, announced a partnership with mental health and wellbeing experts, Back2Work, which will see young job seekers aged 15-24 eligible for the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s ‘Transition to Work’ scheme, able to access mental health support services, through the placement of dedicated psychologists at Asuria’s job-seeking centres nationwide.

88% of psychologists reported an increase in wait times since March 2020, and 56% of psychologists are currently reporting waitlists of at least three months.

Asuria-Back2Work pact to aid mental health access

The partnership between Asuria and Back2Work will directly address this need for streamlined access to mental health professionals, while supporting the drive to fill the thousands of unfilled job vacancies currently threatening to undermine Australia’s economic recovery.

Under the scheme due to launch later this year, Back2Work’s Allied Health Professionals, including psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and dieticians, will be made available at Asuria’s employment centres nationwide.

They will provide counselling on drug and alcohol dependency, depression, anxiety, and more.

Asuria’s Job Coaches will be able to refer Transition to Work job seekers for immediate access to mental health professionals, with clinical appointments subject to significantly shorter wait times than are currently being experienced nationwide.

Appointments will be available on-site at Asuria’s locations, online, and over the phone.

Elite athletes to reap from Asuria’s Wellbeing Code

As part of the partnership, working with Wellbeing Code, Asuria and Back2Work will also run regular employer and job seeker boot camps, where elite athletes will help to destigmatise mental health and deliver positive effects on personal wellbeing.

Con Kittos, Chairman and CEO of Asuria says, “The only thing to have taken a bigger hit from the raging COVID-19 pandemic than jobs, is people’s mental health.”

“Thanks to this partnership with Back2Work, we’re in a position to help people to rediscover the mental strength and self-belief fundamental to their ability to find and stay in work.”

Dr Kylie Henderson, Founder and Managing Director at Back2Work adds, “Our combined skillsets will offer a focal approach to help people back to psychological independence.”

“Our guiding principles and service vision will be to provide the best intensive, holistic-person support that inspires people to better themselves for work or education.”

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