Aussie training firm Ignite Purpose launches in Canada and the UK

Christina Foxwell, Founder and CEO of Ignite Purpose
Christina Foxwell, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ignite Purpose

Founded by Christina Foxwell over 11 years ago, Ignite Purpose, has since become one of Australia’s most successful performance improvement, coaching, training and consulting businesses with customers nationwide. This month, Ignite Purpose announced its global expansion into Canada and the United Kingdom further their expansion ambitions.

What does Ignite Purpose bring to the new markets?

Chrissy Cordingley CRSP CIHC, will head up the brand’s Canada presence as Managing Director of Ignite Purpose Canada, and Paul Taljaard will head up the brand’s UK presence as Managing Director of Ignite Purpose UK. “I am thrilled to be representing the Ignite Purpose brand in Canada. We need Ignite Purpose’s innovative work here and I believe our approach and the way we work will resonate with the Canadian people,” Ms Cordingley said.

“Canada reports higher levels of daily stress, worry, sadness and anger according to the latest Gallup poll. Our work will help employees build purpose, meaning and communities in the workplace and support leaders in building cultures that deliver connection, passion and performance. We have already started running our first program and look forward to continuing the work that Christina Foxwell and her team in Australia have trailblazed.”

Taljaard said the organisation’s global expansion will assist many businesses and leaders at a time when the world is still struggling to recover from the challenges of the COVID pandemic.

“Having been in people leadership, community support and healthcare, I know the importance of people being the heart of organisations and I recognise that the work we are bringing to the United Kingdom with this expansion is perfect for this time where we recognise the healthcare system is in turmoil, where people are recovering post pandemic and needing something to refocus, reconnect and help them feel purposeful,” Taljaard said.

Paul Taljaard, Managing Director of Ignite Purpose UK
Paul Taljaard, Managing Director of Ignite Purpose UK

“Our focus will be across firms and we will prioritise helping the healthcare industry to heal, grow and build resilience. We have partnered with Dr Keri Thomas Founder and Chair, GSF Centre UK and GSF International, End of Life Care lead and certified Life Coach. With our joint passion we will work with and support doctors and healthcare workers as our primary focus.”

“I am absolutely delighted to announce Ignite Purpose has officially opened its doors for business in Canada and the UK. We have appointed high calibre managing directors in each country to head up our presence and grow our business in each region,” Foxwell said.

Why is this a timely expansion?

Foxwell emphasised that Ignite Purpose has responded to strong market need in these regions for service providers with the capability and experience to help organisations and leaders to drive growth through improved people management, mentoring and coaching.

“Firms are struggling to reunite their workforces and work towards common goals. They are trying to recover from COVID and find a way forward with people who are still working in a fragmented and hybrid manner. With macro pressures creating micro issues in workplaces and in homes, pressure and strain is rising and productivity is suffering,” Foxwell said.

“People are the heartbeat of any organisation and it is time to help people connect to themselves, rewire their thinking, find a way to be connected and create a community in workplaces. People need coaching, support and the clarity to be the solution,” she added.

“COVID restrictions created mental fatigue, stress and a feeling of not being in control for many firms and people. This means people are trying to be in control of others and things outside their control and are suffering and fearful. The ability for people to value each other, find solutions together and stay peaceful has become more challenging than ever before.”

“Leaders need help to unite people, create clarity in an unclear world and build agility to navigate complexities. We also recognise that people working together, focusing on what matters, and learning to hear and see each other without fear and judgement will harness collective strengths and create momentum to deliver outcomes,” Foxwell further said.

“As a global business, we are able to take learnings from different regions and industries and help businesses across the world to adopt strategies that are delivering results elsewhere. Australians are highly regarded for their work ethic and ability to relate on a very practical and genuine level. This type of authenticity is what is needed in organisations across the world as business leaders try to find ways of solving workplace issues,” Foxwell further commented.

“Through our work, we are: disrupting traditional ways of cultural transformation, achieving results through innovation and learning, shifting mindsets; and saving lives. We are seeing strong levels of enquiry in Canada and the UK and expect to achieve strong growth there.”