IFC hires Ronke-Amoni Ogunsulire as Regional Manager for the Caribbean

Ronke-Amoni Ogunsulire, Regional Manager for the Caribbean at IFC

IFC, sector arm of the World Bank Group, has hired Ronke-Amoni Ogunsulire as the Regional Manager for the Caribbean. A Nigerian, Ms. Ogunsulire will be based in Santo Domingo, overseeing operations in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the English-speaking Caribbean.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the appointment?

“It’s a pleasure to join the Caribbean team. I look forward to working with our public and private sector partners on investment opportunities that can address the Caribbean most pressing challenges and mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ms. Ogunsulire.

As of June 2022, IFC’s investment portfolio in the Caribbean stood at $410m across various sectors, like Energy, Financial Institutions, Tourism, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing.

Martin Spicer, IFC’s Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, said “Ronke brings invaluable experience from her most recent work promoting private sector development in West Africa, and will continue to work with the public and private sector in the Caribbean to promote financial inclusion, digitalization and climate-smart solutions that can help the region create jobs, increase resilience to climate events and promote inclusive growth.”

What will Ronke bring to IFC in her new role?

As head of IFC´s operations in this region, she will focus on growing IFC’s investment and advisory services in the Caribbean, with a focus on social and financial inclusion for underserved segments; promoting climate-smart investments to help the region adapt and be more resilient to adverse climate events; and, expanding digital connectivity.

Prior to this role, Ogunsulire was Regional Manager for the Ghana Sub-region, overseeing Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, and Togo. Ronke-Amoni Ogunsulire was also an Adviser to the CEO of IFC and Principal Investment Officer in the Africa Region. Ms. Ogunsulire graduated from Yale University with an MBA in Finance and a Master’s in Environmental Studies.

Ronke-Amoni Ogunsulire also holds bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College. She succeeds Judith Green in this position, who will now lead operations for IFC in the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand.