Identity platform, Auth0 launches and joins Pledge 1%

Identity platform, Auth0 launches and joins Pledge 1%

Auth0, the identity platform for application teams, today announced the launch of, a social impact program committed to secure, inclusive access for all.

Representing an extension of the company’s goal of ‘Secure Access for Everyone’ (SAFE), consists of various philanthropic initiatives for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises including secure access to technology and equal access to education.

As part of the launch, Auth0 also announced that it has joined the Pledge 1% movement, and has committed to giving 1% of the company’s equity to nonprofits over the next 10 years.

This is to help pursue philanthropic initiatives, with initial contributions from co-founders Eugenio Pace (CEO) and Matias Woloski (CTO). 

‘Secure Access for Everyone’ reflects’s strong belief that inclusivity and accessibility are core tenets to prosperity and progress, unlocking human potential, and elevating the human experience. will rely on the company’s global network of more than 9,000 customers and more than 700 employees, along with Auth0’s resources, to expand upon existing giving initiatives and be a force for good.

By leveraging the reach, support, and products of Auth0, will be able to facilitate secure, inclusive access to technology, that aligns with its goal of connecting and improving the lives of people worldwide, regardless of location, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, or religion. is engaging with world-changing agents and social enterprises that advance its strong belief in inclusivity and accessibility to make lasting change.

To ensure’s success in executing that mission, Tides Foundation will serve as its philanthropic partner and charitable home.

Since 1976, Tides Foundation has become the leading philanthropic services provider for corporate social impact as well as the nation’s largest fiscal sponsor working towards a world of shared prosperity and social justice across sectors. 

Tides will help identify organisations that are in the greatest need of technology access and execute on the program’s aligned giving program. 

What areas will focus on?

  1. Auth0 for Nonprofits:

Auth0 for Nonprofits will provide eligible nonprofit organisations and social enterprises with greater accessibility to Auth0’s leading identity management solution.

In addition to discounted rates for Auth0’s Enterprise offering, nonprofit organizations will also have access to a variety of resources, including free consulting services, implementation guidelines, and customer support.

Auth0 for Nonprofits is an extension of existing Auth0 offerings for nonprofit organisations, including the company’s efforts to provide Startup Relief for qualifying companies most affected by COVID-19.

2. Auth0 SAFE Fund:

The Auth0 SAFE Fund, a donor-advised fund of Tides Foundation, will make grants to various nonprofit organizations with a similar focus on fighting for secure, inclusive access for all.

Auth0’s partnership with Pledge 1% underscores its goal of providing funding for qualifying nonprofit organisations for the next 10 years. 

3. Auth0 Employee Giving:

To grow the ongoing philanthropic interests of Auth0’s employees, Auth0 Employee Giving will provide donation matching opportunities, encourage volunteering and community outreach efforts, and organise employee events and campaigns.

“We are excited to welcome Auth0 to the Pledge 1% movement and celebrate their incredible leadership as a role model to others. Increasingly, we’re noting a strong trend of top companies like Auth0, setting aside equity for social impact,” said Pledge 1% Chief Executive Amy Lesnick.

“As we face unprecedented challenges from COVID-19, racial injustice, climate issues, and more, companies have an important role in tackling pressing issues of our time.

By leveraging equity, in addition to other assets such as time, expertise, product, and its global network, Auth0 is fortifying its commitment with the financial resources required to sustainably address these challenges and drive lasting positive change.”

“We are so thrilled to launch as our social impact program, and help facilitate accessibility and inclusivity through technology to connect and improve lives,” said Eugenio Pace, CEO and co-founder of Auth0.

“Joining Pledge 1% demonstrates our long-term commitment for affecting positive change, and we are absolutely dedicated to our mission of ‘Secure Access for Everyone’ as both a global company and social impact initiative.” 

Ari Schapiro, Senior Director of Self-Service and Social Impact at Auth0 added, “As a more mature company, we have a responsibility to leverage our product, resources, and reach to extend our support to the amazing nonprofit organisations around the world that are using technology as a force for good.”

To learn more about and its philanthropic initiatives or how to participate, please visit