Icon taps Macquarie Cloud Services to bring quality cancer care to patients

Macquarie Cloud Services (MCS), part of Macquarie Telecom Group, has signed a deal with a comprehensive cancer care provider, Icon Group (Icon), to manage its platforms through a Microsoft Azure environment. Since engaging MCS, Icon has navigated a global expansion with scalable services and met regulations in the pharmacy industry against a tight deadline.

Icon provides all aspects of cancer care, like medical oncology, radiation oncology, haematology, research, pharmacy and chemotherapy compounding to deliver end-to-end service for patients. Icon has long relied on flexible and innovative tech to deliver patient care.

Why did Icon onboard Macquarie Cloud Services?

According to Icon’s Head of IT Infrastructure, Mark Holmes, expansion into Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, and New Zealand necessitated the move to a secure and scalable environment. “We knew we wanted to be on Azure, not only to ensure disaster recovery and service availability, but to navigate the heavily regulated pharmacy industry. We needed a partner, one who had strong experience in delivering a large-scale project” Mark said.

Icon selected Macquarie, its long-term networking partner, to facilitate migration to an Azure environment and provide ongoing architecture, network, security, and consumption reviews.

Mark said the team’s expertise played a crucial part in ensuring the migration went smoothly despite ongoing lockdown periods resulting in the design, delivery and management occurring remotely. “The experts at Macquarie advised rolling the migration out across two timelines.”

“The first included services we’d been hosting on our ‘Launch’ cloud platform to the more scalable Azure, which comes under the purview of the TGA and requires access for auditing purposes. The second track needed to operate on a two-month deadline, as it contained workloads supporting pharmacy dispensing which were subject to regulatory changes.”

“Macquarie was able to work quickly to provision those services and get them all set up in an automated way. That allowed us to keep that pace and successfully complete the project.”

Mark continued, “Icon’s experience with Macquarie has also helped to develop internal technical talent and leverage reliable expertise in the cloud space and beyond, both of which are crucial considerations in Australia’s current climate of technical skills shortages.

“We see the need for our cloud skills to continue growing internally, and as such we’ve brought a principal cloud engineer who’s working with the Macquarie team to progress and fine-tune designs. This is providing natural skills progression for the rest of the team.”

Why is the partnership a success?

Head of Azure at MCS, Naran McClung commented: “It was crucial that this project came together on time, not only so that services continued for some of society’s most vulnerable, but to ensure the highest levels of compliance in a heavily regulated industry.”

“Finding a true technology partner in Macquarie has allowed Icon Group to build a cloud infrastructure that will serve their ongoing international expansion. This partnership delivers the confidence to work closely with Icon’s leadership, supporting their plans to grow the business both in terms of reach and services offered,” McClung further commented.

“It really makes a difference that Macquarie goes the extra step. We use the group’s data centre campus as our co-location facility in Sydney and find the team are better skilled and better informed than remote-hand services from other providers,” Mark further added.

“I’m confident everything can be done remotely, and tasks can be delegated. As a healthcare company, our top priority is the safety of our patients, their data and the quality of our clinical team’s processes, Macquarie has improved the security and efficiency of our IT infrastructure and cloud-based systems to ensure we continue to provide the best possible care.”