Icon Agency reboots iconic cancer campaign in bid to improve on the ACT health outcomes

Icon Agency has launched an alcohol and cancer awareness campaign in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE). 

Reduce your Risk was commissioned by FARE and backed by ACT Health.

The launch was bolstered by Icon’s integrated communications approach, raising awareness of the new alcohol guidelines from NHMRC and ultimately the link between alcohol and cancer. 

Inspiration for Icon Agency’s campaign

While the link between alcohol and cancer is well established, less than half (44%) of adults living in the ACT are aware of the health risk associated with alcohol.

Using a foundational Total Viable Count(TVC) of Western Australia’s iconic ‘Spread Campaign’, Icon was charged with building an integrated campaign that includes revised video assets, new radio, outdoor, social, collateral, GP engagement and media relations. 

The campaign aims to decrease the prevalence of alcohol-related cancers in the ACT by;

  • Increasing awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer
  • Creating awareness of the new alcohol guidelines
  • Encouraging people to speak to their GP about the risks of alcohol-related cancers.

Icon Agency’s campaign strategy

The campaign speaks to Canberrans and GPs, encouraging them to learn more about the guidelines and start a conversation with each other about the link between alcohol and cancer.

The reboot strategy required a sophisticated, integrated mix of government relations, press, paid media, digital platform creation, and design and delivery of creative assets. 

Icon successfully secured comment from the ACT Health Minister, landing an exclusive in the Canberra Times, a package on WIN news and coverage in local Canberra news outlets

Icon’s paid media community channel strategy was designed to reach a fragmented audience, and cut through with specific targeted messages for the Canberran audience aged 22-60.

The eight-week media campaign was launched on TV, OOH, Radio, VOD, social media, and specialist digital channels like mobile video and digital audio to ensure reach and frequency. 

This was supported closely by Hug Media who managed the ATL and VOD buy while all other digital channels are being managed in house at Icon.

Hazel Tiernan, Icon Agency Group Account Director said, “It has been a pleasure to work with FARE, who have been committed to amplifying this campaign through multiple channels to ensure the people of Canberra connect with this important message”.