ICGN onboards ecoDa to provide a specific module in its flagship training

Andrew Spencer, Education and Training Director at ICGN

ICGN is proud to announce its partnership with ecoDa in providing an investor perspective to its flagship training programme for Directors. ecoDa has reworked its training program for European board members by integrating current topics like sustainability and non-financial reporting. ecoDa cooperates with ICGN alongside others including INSEAD, and Chapter Zero.

Why makes ICGN’s partnership with ecoDa worthwhile?

“We believe an investor perspective provides a vitally important component of this programme. We regularly provide training to our member organisations from the investment community. This is an opportunity to ensure the investor as a key stakeholder is better understood by Directors,” says Andrew Spencer, ICGN’s Education and Training Director.

The program is structured around a three-day core supplemented by an extra day of the participants’ choice. Participants can opt for a one-day ICGN course entitled ‘Dialogue between boards and shareholders’, emphasizing the relationship between boards of directors and shareholders. Delivered by ICGN’s experts, this session consists of best practise from senior board members with a subject head start and brainstorming among the participants.

“The ecoDa programme is unique in that it is designed for European board members, by European board members. ecoDa offers a response to challenges of Corporate Governance in Europe by stimulating collective intelligence,” said Leena Linnainmaa, ecoDa’s Chair.

What is the purpose of the ecoDa program?

“The ecoDa program is designed as an add-on to the national education programs. With this European Diploma, the loop of the constant search for adaptation to current challenges is complete,” added Jean Coroller, chair of ecoDa’s Education Committee.

ICGN and ecoDa envisage a program which encourages dialogue and an exchange of ideas that will attract the interest of national and European regulators. The inaugural ecoDa European Board Diploma begins 20 October 2022, with the ICGN module November 18.