icare taps FINEOS for operational excellence and to offer customers unparalleled customer experience

FINEOS Corporation, the provider of group and individual core software for life, accident and health insurance, announced that Insurance and Care New South Wales (icare) will move its Dust Diseases Care Scheme to the FINEOS Platform. This will enable icare to provide a contemporary claims management service to the citizens of NSW affected by dust diseases.

What does this mean for icare?

icare’s groundbreaking care schemes provide support, treatment and care to citizens with long-term needs when severely injured in the workplace or on NSW roads. icare works with customers, their families, and health providers with a focus on optimising quality of life.

“icare is focused on improving performance and CX provided by the Dust Diseases Care scheme, through implementing an improved claims model,” said Tim Abbott, Acting CIO.

“The solution, which was selected after a procurement process, will utilise cloud services to improve security, privacy and compliance. FINEOS has proven to be a reliable and trusted partner over many years with established capability to meet future scheme needs.”

What does the partnership mean for FINEOS?

FINEOS Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly, Chief Executive Officer and founder at FINEOS

FINEOS CEO Michael Kelly said, “FINEOS is delighted to partner with icare to improve customer experience and operational excellence with our modern FINEOS Platform.”

“Case managers working on the Dust Diseases Care scheme will be able to navigate complex claims and deliver benefits more effectively to injured workers and their dependents.”