IAB Australia launches collaboration resource for Australian marketers

Jonas Jaanimagi, Head of Tech for IAB Australia
Jonas Jaanimagi, Head of Tech for IAB Australia

IAB Australia launched a Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer to help Australian marketers, technology vendors, marketing agencies and Australian publishers understand the varied capabilities of, and responsible approaches to, data collaboration in digital advertising.

What is the Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer?

Prepared by the IAB Data Council and launched at the IAB Data and Privacy Summit, the Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer covers various topics such as data clean rooms, customer data platforms, matching services, and data management platforms and includes detailed definitions, explainers, best practices, standards, and key questions to ask vendors.

Data collaboration uses various tech to combine and analyse data sets within a firm or with strategic partners to enable a wide range of use cases. These include uncovering new consumer insights and enabling accurate cross-screen measurement, safely collecting and managing consent signals, expanding reach, and creating brand-building media networks.

The Explainer helps Australian companies to identify the business objectives to be addressed by data collaboration and walks through the considerations including availability, architecture, analysis, application, consumer privacy obligations, controls and finally activation.

What does IAB’s data resource mean for the industry?

Jonas Jaanimagi, Head of Tech for IAB Australia commented, “Data and privacy are critical and pervasive topics that offer both opportunities and responsibilities to all participants across our industry. Our Explainer seeks to provide guidance, best practices, and meaningful take aways for publishers and marketers alike in and around these important subject areas.”

The IAB Data Council comprises representatives from 31 different organisations across all sides of the industry who work together to help develop commercially agnostic guidance and education in relation to use of data in the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem.