i2c releases pioneer cryptocurrency backed digital card program report

Jim McCarthy, President of i2c

i2c Inc.a leading provider of digital payment and banking technology has released a first-of-its-kind report on crypto-backed cards, one of the world’s fastest-growing card categories.

The i2c report examines account and transactional information from more than 4,000 traditional and crypto-backed card programs running across 40 countries and three continents.

i2c pioneers issuing and processing crypto cards

With more than five million cryptocurrency backed cards running on its global platform, i2c is the world’s premier partner for issuing and processing cryptocurrency cards.

Unlike many crypto studies, the report is notable for being based on actual behavior (transactional data) as well as verified demographic data as opposed to respondent statements.

Highlights of the i2c crypto-backed card report

Among the highlights were findings that seem to challenge common perceptions about crypto users and reinforce both the global nature and borderless benefits associated with the tech.

  • 45% of crypto card holders are over age 35
  • Crypto backed card programs transact cross-border at more than twice the rate of traditional cards
  • Crypto backed card programs show higher dollar volumes (7%) for cross-border transactions than traditional card programs

“Crypto backed cards are groundbreaking the payments industry while demonstrating what is possible for a truly global payments program,” said Jim McCarthy, president of i2c.

“We saw crypto related accounts grow exponentially over the past year along with innovations and engagement levels that are changing the way we think about payments and cardholders.”