Hytera Group gets five ICCA Awards for innovations and market excellence

Hytera, a global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, together with its subsidiaries Sepura and Teltronic, won awards in 5 categories at the International Critical Communications Awards (ICCAs) 2022 held in Vienna, Austria.

What is the market offering of Hytera?

The ICCAs, presented by The Critical Communications Association (TCCA), are the most prestigious awards in critical communications celebrating the very best of the sector across a variety of verticals and recognizing those who have made big individual contributions to the critical communications industry. Hytera was firstly awarded “Best Use of Critical Communications in Transport” for a Sri Lanka Railway (SLR) Telecommunications Project.

This project enabled Hytera’s 3GPP-compliant MCS Solution to interconnect the SLR sites and provide railway personnel with real-time access to data. This allowed them to better serve passengers and provide a safe operation for train drivers by reducing railway accidents.

Sepura claimed an ICCA award for “Best Use of Critical Communications in Mining, Oil & Gas” for the AutoMate App SPACE Application and SCG22 Mobile Radio which was part of the National Wireless Mining Solution. The solution contributed to the staff safety by enabling radio automation through geo-fencing and situational triggers in iron ore mines in Australia.

The SCU3, Sepura’s latest broadband vehicle device, won “Best MX-C Device of the Year”. This technology aroused considerable interests amongst professional communication users looking for future-proof, powerful data capability to enhance their communications solutions.

Sepura’s Senior Specialist Diana Ball was recognized for her “Outstanding Contribution to Critical Communications” for the development of TETRA standards. Teltronic’s EDESUR project was next awarded “Best Use of Critical Communications in Utilities.”

What other awards are in sight for Hytera?

The NEBULA TETRA infrastructure allowed a private electricity distribution firm in Argentina to realize the real-time monitoring and fault detection of a power distribution network, and further improve company management and operational efficiency thanks to Teltronic’s unique SDM (Synchronous Data Management) technology. In addition to securing these awards, Hytera Group was also shortlisted for a number of additional categories including:

Best MC-X Device of the Year

  • Hytera PDM680 Rugged MCS Radio
  • Teltronic RTP-800, the First MCX Cab Radio for Transport

Best MC-X solutions of the year

  • Sepura SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device

Best TETRA Device of the Year

  • Hytera PTC680 Multi-mode Radio
  • Sepura SCG22 Mobile TETRA Radio

Best Use of Advanced Technology

  • Hytera AI-based Noise Cancellation for Two-way Radios

Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety

  • Teltronic: RESCAN, Reliability and Maximum Coordination in the Fight against the Volcano

Best Use of Critical Communications in Transport

  • Hytera: Kazakhstan Railway Runs Efficiently with TETRA Communications System

Emerging Technology, Product or Solutions

  • Hytera PNC560, World’s First 5G MCPTT Device

Recently Hytera has released a number of industry enabling innovations from its wide range of product lines, including the latest H-Series DMR Radios, Body-worn Cameras, PTToC Radios & MCS Radios, Multi-mode Rugged Radio and 5G Xsecure Rugged Device.

Also the newly launched Hytera Convergence-Native Solutions (including HyTalk, HyTalk Pro and HyTalk MC), composed of different modules, integrates existing network infrastructures, unifies the network core and the communication platform, and provides open API for new service deployment. With cutting-edge critical communication technologies, Hytera will continue to bring value to global customers leveraging its technologies and professionals.

For more information about Hytera at ICCAs 2022, please visit Hytera.