Social media analytics platform HypeAuditor hits record growth

Alexander Frolov, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor, the AI social media analytics platform for brands seeking fair and transparent influencer marketing, announced a record year of growth as the influencer marketing industry continues to soar, turning into a $16.4 billion industry, by the end of the year. HypeAuditor’s annual revenue for 2021 has increased by almost half (49.6%) in comparison to 2020, marking a major milestone for the firm, which was founded less than five years ago in 2018.

What is the growth rate of HypeAuditor?

Since the start of the year, the leader in AI social media analytics increased its customer base by 32%, with brands such as Philips, Michelin, Dior, Unilever, and L’Oréal, among others, depending on the platform for their influencer marketing strategies. To meet rising local demands, HypeAuditor has strengthened its presence in Asia, US, and LATAM regions.

Since the start of the year, its team has grown by 63% with most of the hiring made to consolidate its Development and Customer Success and Support teams. HypeAuditor now employs a total of 142 employees spread across 24 countries, with plans of additional hires before the end of the year. As the firm adapts to operating on a full remote model, it received two major awards this year: Forbes Best Start-up Employee and INC Best Workplace. 

Building on the largest existing database of 61+ millions of influencers from 250 countries, HypeAuditor has continued this year to innovate in the field of AI and machine learning to provide marketers with the most advanced tools in influencer search and brand safety. 

To meet the rapidly scaling needs of brands in social eCommerce, HypeAuditor also released a new Shopify integration, earlier this year, to enable them to enter this sector. By the end of 2022, HypeAuditor is planning to add additional eCommerce platforms. 

What were the executive’s thoughts on the growth?

As people globally spend on overage two hours and twenty-seven minutes on social media, daily, and with more than half of the world population now on social media, influencer marketing is the most efficient tool for brands to connect authentically with their audiences.” commented Alexander Frolov, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of HypeAuditor.

Thanks to our growing team worldwide, we have the required local presence and expertise needed to help leading brands stay ahead in their influencer marketing strategy,” Frolov said.